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New Player Survey and New Daily Bonuses System

Hi all,

We've started up a new survey for both active and inactive players, new to the game and veterans alike.  It's a short survey, just 7 questions in length, with only 3 of them mandatory, one of which is your in-game account name to ensure you receive the rewards associated with completing the survey.  The rewards are a one-time bonus of 5,000 account experience (used to unlock advanced classes and races, as well as other uses), and a free level for every character on your account, as well as new characters created going forward.  To redeem your rewards, log into the game and type 'redeem surveys 5'.

As for those who have already completed the survey, many thanks. Remember that to receive the reward, you must fill out the entire survey.  If you haven't done the survey yet, you can find it at

One of the recurring themes was a bit of frustration about the MUD not being very friendly to casual players. Players who either don't have much time to play, or who can't be focused enough to role play with others, and thus they have great difficulty obtaining account experience.

I've tried to address that tonight with some code geared towards helping casual players. It will indeed help everyone, but casual players will benefit the most from it in a per-hour-played point of reference.

In an effort to accommodate both casual and hard core players, we've implemented a system of daily rewards.  These rewards are eligible for a certain period of activity in the corresponding type of game play before expiring.  Daily bonuses reset each night at 12am server time.

Below is the help file associated with the new Daily Bonuses system

The following types of daily bonuses are implemented:

Daily PvE Rewards
Triggers On : Killing a mob that is 5 levels lower than you or higher
Reward      : 1.5x experience gains prior to calculating any other bonuses
Limit       : 50 eligible kills
Restrictions: Mob kills only.  Mob must be within five levels of you or higher level

Daily Crafting Rewards
Triggers On : Any activity that awards artisan experience
Reward      : 1.5x artisan experience prior to calculating any other bonuses
Limit       : 50 artisan experience 'pulses'
Restrictions: None

Daily RP Rewards
Triggers On : Any time you'd gain rp exp
Reward      : 1.5x rp rewards, prior to calculating other bonuses
Limit       : 2000 role played characters (ie. anything typed after the rp command)
Restrictions: None

Daily Account Experience Rewards
Triggers On : daily bonuses for PvE or artisan experience
Reward      : 25 account experience
Limit       : 500 account experience / day / character
Restrictions: Not stackable with account exp from daily rp rewards.  1 in 5 chance to 'proc' each artisan experience gain 'pulse'

What Our Players Are Saying:

"D20MUD: Star Wars is one of the most feature-heavy MUDs out there. Very true to her d20 roots! The game also reminds me a lot of my favorite MMORPG: Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic. Am and always will be a fan!"
-- Zusuk 

"This is, bar none, the best Star Wars themed MUD in existence. They really captured the essence of the d20 System with this one. 5 out of 5 stars."
-- Fekk

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"D20mud is the best mud I've played in my 20 years of fingering a keyboard. It has everything any mudder could want and then some. From pvp to rich and interesting areas, mobs, class structure, to staff who are the most patient, fair, and helpful I've ever seen and player involvement in the direction the mud takes...I love it, and will always be as involved in it as life lets me be."
-- Rakhsasa

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