Below is a List of Typos in the Game That Have Not Yet Been Fixed

Terin (Jan 25) [ 129] Quest list and text following Quest join needs formatting
Terin (Jan 25) [ 130] Shop tells you to read help licenses before buying anything - no such help file
Terin (Jan 25) [30004] setdesc could you formatting
Terin (Jan 25) [30034] Repeated word 'pick'
Miatha (Nov 27) [30004] when choosing ear descriptor there is a bunch of the letter n after each line
Fenka (Jul 13) [20533] double credits : Gallis Magnum tells you, 'I'll give you 116 credits credits for that.'
Fenka (Jul 9) [ 2813] I think this area should be marked "cantina"
Daraw (Mar 21) [ 859] inconsistent color formatting between 'emporium buy' and 'emporium list' where the word 'list' isn't colored
Fioreti (Feb 18) [30044] We also advice perusing the abilities advice -> advise
Frossik (Dec 20) [ 1750] When one doesn't have enough credits to buy a mount, the message responds that one doesn't have enough 'gold'
Kullby (Dec 20) [ 2824] You carry too much "wieght" to move
Frossik (Dec 13) [ 1735] HELP ARMOR describes mk i as 'none', mk ii as 'light', etc, but in reality mk i is light, mk ii is medium, etc
Frossik (Dec 11) [ 1735] RACE-VERPINE help file says it costs 10,000 account xp to unlock, but in reality it's only 5,000
Jaraq (Nov 29) [20540] Black Market Menagerie room description, 1st sentence. 'for the acquisitoon of..' -> 'for the acquisition of'
Jaraq (Nov 29) [20544] Black Market Resource Merits room description, 2nd sentence. 'The harvets orders..' -> 'The harvest orders..'
Jaraq (Nov 28) [30001] In description of 'shake it off' feat. 'even in comabt' -> 'even in combat.'
Jaraq (Nov 28) [30001] In 'help tactics' ability description: 'Th ability...', should be 'The ability...'
Voshil (Nov 22) [20560] this rooms station says unfinished object.
Bree (Nov 7) [ 44] Triple Attack feat says the command is doubleattack when it is tripleattack'
Sophia (Oct 20) [ 133] Blasters 'n Blades (Weapons) [ Inside ], 5) 999 A sorosub marskman series heavy blaster pistol 2750 Military marksman
Sophia (Oct 19) [ 118] [HINT] Crafting and harvesting are integral methods to enhance your character with custom made gear as well as credits doing supply orders. Please see the following help files for more indo:, info?
Sophia (Oct 19) [ 100] A think blue horizontal stripe encircles.... thin not think. in the description for The Republic Training Centre - Grades 1 & 2 [ Inside ]
Sophia (Oct 19) [30042] Your character descrptions are complete. Press return to continue!, shouldn't it be descriptions?
Matobu (Sep 6) [ 129] Help Simple Weapon Proficiency in description "weappons"
Fethras (Sep 6) [ 4378] In 'A Foyer in a Large Wooden Building' in the Echani training camp, description 'The room itsechani is'
Fethras (Aug 23) [ 6494] A black and white battle-trained nexu appears to be a female Quarren.
Fethras (Aug 22) [ 2505] Also from HINT text your reacall beacon to your current room
Fethras (Aug 22) [ 2505] From the HINT section, in the event that you somehow lose yor gear
Fethras (Aug 22) [ 2505] in the HINT list: Please use the backup command regularly so that you can be easily reimbursed
Fethras (Aug 22) [ 2505] In the HINT list " Please use the backup command regularly so that you can be easily reimbursed
WLT-R01 (Jul 11) [ 2500] A Space Dock Walkway on Quesh - small space sport should be small spaceport
Parias (Jul 7) [ 788] A rogue mandalorian lieutenant implant item drop should be "heightening" instead of "hieghtening"
Parias (Jul 7) [ 788] A rogue mandalorian "lieutentant" should be "lieutenant"
Parias (Jul 7) [ 140] Tech abilities: targetting "recticle" should be "reticle"
WLT-R01 (Jul 6) [13185] abandoned cache of cloths Should either be cloth or clothes
WLT-R01 (Jul 6) [13150] quest 49 Blackmaler should be Blackmailer
Aalan (Jul 4) [ 787] a command-hieghtening implant heightening is mispelled
Aalan (Jul 1) [30038] Has additional letters here that should not be present unless a test case was being performed... c on second sentence and the three s's at the end of the paragraph
BD-33EE (Jun 26) [ 494] Please merge files for "help simple weapon proficiency" and "help "simple weapon proficiency" " - i found them thru "hlist simple".
BD-33EE (Jun 26) [ 494] on "help simple" file - in description - "weappons" - take out extra p. Perhaps also list which weapons are simple, please.
BD-33EE (Jun 19) [20358] this room is titled (and all directions to it from other rooms) is caridE not caridA.
Aalan (Jun 15) [30001] go north in the race selection room states choose alignment... going north you choose something else... name appears incorrect
Aalan (Jun 15) [30000] help rules channels page 2 emote section helpfile needs cleaned up. Can't tell if there is extra text or missing text at end of entry.
SS-10 (Jun 14) [ 4000] in "model self" social it says procede instead of proceed
BD-33EE (Jun 14) [ 231] "help color" = magneta should be magENta in all instances.
Ruza (Jun 12) [ 419] Ok, this seems to be a trend for all npc descriptions. 2nd line is always missing the first letter of the name.
Ruza (Jun 12) [ 209] same here with the name. its "Allin" once.
Ruza (Jun 12) [ 266] "look ro" for Ro Garda = "an undefined string" and then "O Garda"
Ruza (Jun 12) [ 244] in Deris' desciption, once it says "Eris"
Ruza (Jun 11) [ 130] is this imperial or republic training center? both names are used in various places.
Ruza (Jun 11) [30041] suggestion: add alignment options to both "Choose your alignment" in char gen and "help alignment"
Vez (May 30) [ 324] assassinate: You MUCH [must] have the assassinate feat YOU [to] use this ability.
Vez (May 26) [20112] Mob: injured hoth hog, long shows 'gold'
Sithys (May 16) [ 1123] watter should be spelled water
Kriela (Dec 16) [ 2558] "You can't seem to find any coins..." in the enemy death report.
Amora (Dec 1) [ 670] 'a command-hieghtening implant' - should be heightening
Amora (Dec 1) [ 801] 'A rogue mandalorian lieutentant' - should be lieutenant
Amora (Nov 26) [ 139] The `money` command outputs: 'You have 63017 credits credits.' - credits should appear once.
Grajo (Oct 22) [30019] bottom of room description seems a bit incomprehensible and cut off
Mikl (Oct 21) [ 6594] In Enora's quest, the like "I assume you are hear to kill me at Zostrim's bidding.", should be here instead of hear.
Alin (Oct 20) [ 2152] The knockdown feat has a typo when it happens in combat. It says "known" instead of "knock". Example: Your attack allows you to known down a katarn beast for a round.
Gaelen (Jun 9) [59011] Your group leader ushers you into $s docked c-19 firesoul.

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