Below is a List of Ideas Submitted and Not Yet Implemented

Terin (Jan 27) [ 108] Bitbucket Issue: Maybe put in a prompt that if you try to dual wield without the skill
Terin (Jan 27) [ 129] Bitbucket Issue: Should the datapad in the Republic Training Centre shop require Reputation? Means you can't research etc during this zone
Terin (Jan 27) [ 125] Bitbucket Issue: - could the Web Client have a window to show current quest info?
Gicker (Apr 3) [ 40] Bitbucket Issue: This is a test for Trello
Gicker (Mar 26) [ 129] Bitbucket Issue: Trello test
Atraya (Feb 26) [ 170] Bitbucket Issue: "feats (class)" refinement. Classes often share feats with others, while having a few that are unique to that class. What I propose is when you use the "feats (class)" command, it lists the feats in a color cooedinated manner. Yellow for feats shared with other classes. Blue for feats unique to that class, and green for feats that your currently used classes already have access to. Also, the weapon master class help file seems to be missing its per level bonuses.
Vortuun (Feb 18) [20361] Bitbucket Issue: creating an email account for people to send ideas to, seeing as I can't put in my big elaborate ideas with the character limit.
Vortuun (Feb 18) [20361] Bitbucket Issue: help
Gicker (Jan 8) [57200] Bitbucket Issue: separate shield strength (DR) from shield capacity (Temp HP)
Gicker (Jan 8) [57200] Bitbucket Issue: have starship shields work as temporary hit points instead of acting as damage reduction
Gicker (Jan 8) [57200] Bitbucket Issue: ion cannons effective on shields, lasers on hull, missiles bypass shields
Gicker (Jan 8) [57200] Bitbucket Issue: Ships should launch with full shields
Rutzen (Jan 2) [ 1734] Bitbucket Issue: Expansion of the "Combat Strategist" feat to have space specific buffs. Samples: Evasive Manuevers(evasion), Focus Fire(damage boost), Form Up(Bonus to speed)
Frossik (Dec 11) [ 354] Bitbucket Issue: ability to see the desc-map and also use brief to not show the desc (i.e. with 'brief' on, still see the map)
Frossik (Dec 11) [ 1776] Bitbucket Issue: Order the option short list alphabetically
Frossik (Dec 11) [ 1776] Bitbucket Issue: Make the defualt argument for 'options' command 'short' so the list displays by default.
SS-10 (Dec 2) [ 4003] Bitbucket Issue: change "alas, you cannot go that way" to something more sci-fi and less fantasy.. possibly just "There is no exit that direction"
Jagus (Oct 31) [ 1930] Bitbucket Issue: The 'options' command should be noted alongside all the other commands at the bottom of the 'stats' menu in order to help players find the proper syntax for all their feats and abilites!
Jagus (Oct 23) [ 1928] Bitbucket Issue: There are feats you can take multiple times, e.g. 'tactical fighter', but as far as I can tell there's no way to see how many times you've chosen that feat. It would be great if the number of acquired ranks was displayed for such feats in the 'feats' list.
Korath (Sep 14) [57096] Bitbucket Issue: Add the board command/info to the help files related to flying ships, as it wasn't in there, and the directions were counter-intuitive.
Korath (Sep 13) [ 2898] Bitbucket Issue: Addendum to combat medic: ability to heal any negative conditions, such as taunted etc, any DoTs, things like that. Different than condition monitor stuff (healthy, bruids, etc)
Korath (Sep 13) [ 2894] Bitbucket Issue: Was thinking about a "Combat Medic" prestige class, since we really don't have any healer types. Key potential features: "Field Medic" Similar to field technician. Reduced bacta costs and chances for no cooldowns. Potentially a feat that grants them a "healing aura" of some sort, allowing them to automatically heal/regen people in their party for an amount equal to their Treat Injury, divided by number of people in said party. Perhaps an ability that could stop someone from taking a killing blow, and instead reduces them to 1hp (With a cooldown, or % chance to work). Maybe some other usemed type abilities only available to the Combat Medic class? Stat debuffs. Oh, and definitely a condition healer!! That'd be great.
Yohllo (Sep 12) [ 1734] Bitbucket Issue: Help downgrade should be a suggested branch off from help craft, perhaps.
WLT-R01 (Jul 11) [30035] Bitbucket Issue: Clarify help files on Machinist feats for subroutines... no indicator of how to use them
SS-10 (Jun 27) [30000] Bitbucket Issue: Make respeccing automaticslly toggle off your pvp flag even if the cooldown is not ready for it to go off
SS-10 (May 5) [59008] Bitbucket Issue: You may need to add a timer on ship salvage. if im too lazy to go loot them, space can get pretty crowded on scan
Corky (Mar 18) [59003] Bitbucket Issue: Should military-grade starship ammo require licensing?
Kinzu (Feb 5) [59011] Bitbucket Issue: HYPERSPACE command transfers player ship from room A to room B, but the AlignTo coordinates appear to be the same in each room. I suggest that a skillcheck against Ship Systems be used to adjust the arrival location to be closer to the planet. Some math could predict how accurate a hyper jump has been calculated. The Knowledge skill could be a factor.
SS-10 (Feb 4) [ 1734] Bitbucket Issue: add another daily bonus category for Bounty Bonus, give a small number of bonuses for bounty completions.. no more than 5 seems resonable to me and im more inclined to think 2 to 3 is a good number
SS-10 (Jan 24) [59000] Bitbucket Issue: add a line for "Type pilot to see more details on your piloting skills" to the score sheet, then maybe a line about typing ship to see your owned ship on the pilot readout to completely guide new players.
SS-10 (Jan 24) [59000] Bitbucket Issue: we need a helpfile for ship condition
SS-10 (Jan 24) [59000] Bitbucket Issue: There is no indictor on the "who" list for people in space combat, or space at all. Maybe add a S for those in space, or at least show an F when people are in ship combat. If you want to be really fancy you can have an S for space, an H for hyperspace, and a D for space combat(aka dogfighting?) just an idea.
Kinzu (Dec 29) [ 1712] Bitbucket Issue: Bank could allow for "DEPOSIT ALL" so players don't have to bother.
Kinzu (Dec 29) [ 937] Bitbucket Issue: RECALL could allow for "WHERE" as an arguement, so players can be told where they have set their recall location. IE "RECALL WHERE"
Deduplication (Dec 23) [59013] Bitbucket Issue: make it possible to leave items on your ship, persistently
Kinzu (Dec 12) [ 1302] Bitbucket Issue: Please, give me a line of text describing when I exit a shuttle, so I can script to end the background sound.
Kanga (Mar 4) [ 193] Bitbucket Issue: separate each rank of each feat into a more visibly pleasing output on the feat page. i.e. Force Training I, Force Training II
ZX-1 (Feb 8) [ 3956] Bitbucket Issue: What if shops didn't reset- and we could sell crafted, legendary, mythical, rare..ect. items- or if shops reset once every other month or's the best to be a new player and feel like you've lucked out. Only problem it might require a little more than 7500 from least to buy some of the new gear...just a thought
Grajo (Nov 12) [ 124] Bitbucket Issue: allow the ability to use area attacks (such as force storm) without already being in combat
Iskarion (Jul 3) [ 1305] Bitbucket Issue: A command to break down attack bonuses and damage bonuses like the defense command for defense values.
Yarin (Jun 27) [ 2893] Bitbucket Issue: a feat or force power that would allow use of the 'distant force power' feat to project telepathy, or a telepathic attack against another force sensitive, who is currently in a force trance. the idea comes from a necromancer using a dream attack i saw in another mud.
Kyrene (Jun 25) [ 257] Bitbucket Issue: I think the Miraluka should get the Gauge Force Potential force power as a racial bonus because of their Force Sight
Gaelen (May 27) [64000] Bitbucket Issue: being able to name our ships
Vivessa (May 8) [30035] Bitbucket Issue: add Mirialan race please, thanks!
Edann (Apr 22) [ 132] Bitbucket Issue: Make the lore/identify function tell you whether an armor is light, medium, or heavy.
Soltarus (Feb 9) [ 230] Bitbucket Issue: nevermind, I didn't realize it doesn't let you speak it after all
Soltarus (Feb 9) [ 230] Bitbucket Issue: make it so races such as wookiees, and astromech droids can only speak their native languages... they may be able to understand other languages but not speak them as they lack the vocal chords necessary to speak those languages
Dahark (Dec 17) [59005] Bitbucket Issue: Zeltron for a race! Zeltron are incredibly fun!
LordTitan (Nov 19) [ 127] Bitbucket Issue: Add an inventoy sort to inv command. This would show inventoy sorted by catagory instead of just by filter.
LordAries (Nov 13) [ 289] Bitbucket Issue: Add Kushibah to languages : (Terhi)
LordAries (Nov 5) [ 153] Bitbucket Issue: Create a predefined level up system. IE it will auto select skill feats etc with a chance to change. Cut down on levelup time.
LordAries (Nov 5) [ 163] Bitbucket Issue: Add a identification for quest targets
LordAries (Nov 5) [ 140] Bitbucket Issue: Save created aliases in user profile
Chimera (Nov 5) [ 197] Bitbucket Issue: Allow people to break down loot (armor weapons etc) for useable materials for crafting.
Gicker (Nov 4) [ 1762] Bitbucket Issue: Give Gicker

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