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A Number of Bug Fixes and Other Issues Resolved

Fixed a number of bugs and issues that were on the bug list or reported to me personally and I remembered :) I also cleaned up the bug list located at Here.
Among the fixes are:
  1. Added a check in attack command to prevent people from losing their action in combat when typing the attack command during combat.
  2. Added feats for heavy blaster rifle proficiency for commandos and bowcaster proficiency for wookiees.  These feats are only obtainable by being a command or a wookie (respectively).  Feats will be applied to existing commandos and wookiees when they log in.  New commandos and wookiees will obtain them the first time they level.
  3. Made a potential fix to riposte that was preventing people with the combat reflexes feat from getting potentially multiple ripostes per combat round.
  4. Removed the "spell identify" help file that was left over and not removed from the fantasy-based code base.
  5. Updated the HELP TYPO IDEA help file.
  6. Updated the HELP BUGS help file.
  7. Updated the HELP WEAPONS help file to display weapons in their proper category for weapon-specific feats like weapon focus, improved critical, etc.
  8. Changed shuttle functionality to only work outside.  Also fixed a number of rooms in the Czerka Space Station to flag them as indoors.  Reduced the expiration cooldown on shuttles so they don't stay in the world for more than a couple of minutes, and changed output text so that it matches the Star Wars theme.
  9. Fixed the respec system so that hp and mvs gained from remorting are not lost.
  10. Increased the cost of identifying items dramatically.  New formula is based on the level of the item.  Using a datapad is more expensive than getting it done by an archaeologist or other identifying mob in 'towns'.  Using the lore command is free.
  11. Fixed some miscellaneous ability text to show as Star Wars themed, not fantasy themed.
  12. Added a shuttle / ship launch pad to the appropriate location in Nar Shaddaa.

As always if any of these issues are not indeed resolved, please let me know, preferably through the bug command, in game mail (to Gicker) or email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  Letting me know through tells or chat is ok, but I can't garauntee I'll remember.

Cheers all and enjoy!


What Our Players Are Saying:

"D20MUD: Star Wars is one of the most feature-heavy MUDs out there. Very true to her d20 roots! The game also reminds me a lot of my favorite MMORPG: Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic. Am and always will be a fan!"
-- Zusuk 

"This is, bar none, the best Star Wars themed MUD in existence. They really captured the essence of the d20 System with this one. 5 out of 5 stars."
-- Fekk

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"D20mud is the best mud I've played in my 20 years of fingering a keyboard. It has everything any mudder could want and then some. From pvp to rich and interesting areas, mobs, class structure, to staff who are the most patient, fair, and helpful I've ever seen and player involvement in the direction the mud takes...I love it, and will always be as involved in it as life lets me be."
-- Rakhsasa

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