Game News

Gicker (Oct 8) Fixed an issue where using the info command at a ship dealer causes a crash
Gicker (Jun 24) fixed the language system bugs
Gicker (Jun 21) added a help file for the outfit command
Gicker (Feb 28) Added the Arrth-Eno Prison Complex on Coruscant, a level 13-15 zone.
Gicker (Feb 28) fixed the verbage of equipment position display to be more accurate and descriptive, and also fixed the 'report if seen' problem in the eq list too.
Gicker (Feb 28) increased the skill table size to 2000. This may affect previously known language. Check mud mail and speak to Gicker about concerns/lost langs
Gicker (Feb 28) Fixed a bug where languages were being displayed on the cooldown timer list of certain abilities
Gicker (Jan 31) added the inspire line of feats to the abilities command.
Gicker (Jan 31) added new descriptor types for droids, wookies and other races with fur, skin color for races like Chiss and Zeltron, and horns for races like zabrak.
Gicker (Jan 30) added the ability for quests to give the player an item upon accepting the quest as well as the ability to auto-accept the next quest in the series automatically upon completion.
Gicker (Jan 27) fixed a bug with harvestorders that was causing crashes. Harvestorders disabled for the time being.
Gicker (Jan 24) Automated role play rewards must now be manually enabled for your character by a staff member. See HELP RULES ROLE PLAY for more info.
Gicker (Jan 23) added a new end game zone in dantooine space, an abandoned research station. mininum lvl 40, minimum 3 group members to enter
Gicker (Jan 16) you can now repair your ship without a hydrospanner. You must be landed or docked to do so. command is SHIPS REPAIR
Gicker (Jan 16) modified the level of mobs in the carida training centre and the trooper training grounds both on carida to 10-15 and 15-20 respectively
Gicker (Jan 16) added the ability to view what each specific template gets for each level. HELP TEMPLATES
Gicker (Jan 16) added a new zone on Couscant: The Works
Gicker (Jan 16) added the join imperial faction quest line, beginning at the imnperial recruiter in Coruscant marketplace
Gicker (Jan 13) added a new level 10-14 zone on Coruscant: The Works, accessible via taxi stops on Coruscant.
Gicker (Jan 9) added recruiting mails to be sent to characters upon reaching level 10 (or any new level if they're already level 10+)
Gicker (Jan 8) made quickshot and quickstrike usable at level 1, and made damage scale by initiative skill without being reduced by defenses and damage reduction. See HELP QUICK SHOT or HELP QUICK STRIKE.
Gicker (Jan 4) Feat progression has been restored to 1 per 2 levels instead of 1 per 3 levels. Respecs to correct this are on the house, just ask Gicker for the account exp to do it (or be reimbursed after the fact)
Gicker (Jan 4) when in star port only ships you own or are owned by group members will display
Gicker (Jan 4) cleaned up the account character menu
Gicker (Jan 4) Fixed ship targetting and ship id duplicates in space system
Gicker (Jul 25) added the 'dualsabers' command which will enable the effect of the dual sabers line of feats
Gicker (Jul 25) Fixed a bug that was preventing space exp from being awarded
Gicker (Jul 20) made some bug fixes with the mission system
Gicker (Jul 20) tweaked the exp gains from killing mobs to ease the grinding slope a bit
Gicker (Jul 20) temporarily removed gaining of general experience from doing artisan tasks such as creating items, supply orders, harvesting and so forth
Gicker (Jul 20) fixed a bug where new ship purchases would not be set up correctly
Gicker (Jul 20) added a dualsabers toggle command to allow people to decide whether to use it or not, as it carries some penalties as well
Gicker (Jul 20) added a taxi stop at the rancor's den ship sales. One way stop. Can go to other locales on Nar Shaddaa but can't go there directly from other taxi stops
-Fixed a bug where a respec would not reset a person's tech abilities.
-Adjusted quest and mission rewards for new exp system.
-Adjusted rp exp awards to coincide with new exp system.
-The bleeding attack toggle will automatically disable itself upon successful application of bleed damage. It can re-enable right away if desired.
-Fixed the help file on sneak attack, displaying the different classes that obtain it
-Fixed a bug where sometimes old characters logging in, do so without a faction assigned, which can cause crashes
-Fixed a bug where characters would sometimes log in with a discontinued race that causes crashing
-Adjusted the exp system to start with base exp of 500 for an equal level mob kill, and adjusted from there by various modifiers
-Revamped the exp tables for regular exp.
-Corrected some outdated information in the hints system
-Made some fixes to the mission system.
-Added cleave command to toggle on and off the use of the cleave and great cleave feats in combat.
-Traders are now a prestige class
Gicker (Jul 20) Release Notes for d20MUD v1.6
Gicker (Jul 12) added the cleave command, to toggle on and off the cleave and great cleave feat effects in combat
Gicker (Jul 12) Trader class is now a prestige class. Must be unlocked using account experience and the accexp command
Gicker (Jul 11) Any new or returning player in the month of July, 2018, will receive a free gift of 10,000 account exp. Just talk to gicker about redeeming it

-Invest command will not allow any more than 5,000 credits to be invested at once.
-Using the help command on feats will now show when that feat is grantd by a class, when applicable.
-Qualifying to fly a ship is now based on pilot level instead of pilot skill ranks
-Staff can now change a player's artisan type with the 'set artisantype' command
armor training (i,ii,iii), field training (i,ii,iii), armored defense (imp).
-Retooled the following feats: grey side attunement (imp) (adv), light side attunement (imp) (adv), dark side attunement (imp) (adv),
-Removed dexterity cap from armor altogether.
--Feat list shows feats you will obtain in the currently levelled class's levelling progression, in Cyan and marked with a (C)
--Feat list does not show feats available for selection, if already receiving the feat that level from class or race (or chosen manually)
--Fixed some logic errors in the levelup menu process
based on class or race and level
--Feats obtained that level are displayed in the feat selection and level summary pages whether the feat is manually chosen, or awarded
--You no longer see feats or trains pages if you do not have feats/trains that level
-Levelling process streamlined and improved:
haggling enabled.
- Shop keepers now have a larger cap on what they'll pay for starship circuitry. Currently other items sold are still capped at 7500 with
standing. Faction standing redeemable for certain items and benefits.
- New missions system replacing old bounty system. Allows the taking of missions that will award credits, experience, reputation and faction
schematics found.
- Fixed a bug that prioritized the upgradedroid command over the hydrospanner upgrade command, making it impossible to upgrade ships with
heavy blaster rifles.
- Empty clip ability is now a one shot type of ability, like overcharge shot. Also fixed a bug that did not properly apply the damage from
receive one feat that can be chosen among any feats the character currently qualifies for.
and feats unlocked as one progresses through that class. Each level gained in a class will automatically bestow one or more feats. In addition to that, characters
- Class system has been redone to be more in line with how d20 systems work, such as D&D and Pathfinder. Each class has certain abilities
Gicker (Jul 1) Release Notes for d20MUD v1.5
Gicker (Jun 14) Added the classtable command to see basic info on the class of your choice
Gicker (Apr 12) Added an android client. Get it at
Gicker (Apr 12) fixed a problem where rage (and other potential abilities) would not apply their max hit bonus persistently
Gicker (Apr 6) added an account locking system for locking out accounts of players found cheating or otherwise causing issues that do not warrant a ban, but need to be addressed.
Gicker (Apr 6) added outfit items that can be opened to reveal a level appropriate weapon and suit of armor/clothing
Gicker (Apr 4) Added two new yt-1300 ships for sale at the coruscant spaceport.
Gicker (Apr 3) cheap shot ability can now be used unarmed
Gicker (Mar 26) Fixed an issue with space combat, where players could not see or interact with each others ships in space
Gicker (Mar 23) implemented new help system. Commands remain the same. Old help files can still be accessed with ohelp and ohlist
Gicker (Mar 20) fixed the bug with the 'tow' command that was causing the mud to crash
Gicker (Feb 15) Added rations and canteens in preparation for the release of our optional hunger/thirst system. More info coming soon.
Gicker (Jan 16) Added a couple of tie defender ships for purchase
Gicker (Jan 8) Added new ships to be bought for all factions, with entry-level, mid level and high level ships added to be purchased
Gicker (Jan 5) Christmas Exp Promotion ends
Gicker (Jan 1) fixed a bug with ship list command where ship name was under location and vice versa.
Gicker (Jan 1) altered the feat description and functionality of ki damage to match the help file description
Gicker (Jan 1) fixed a bug that would allow people to sometimes obtain extreme amount of banked credits by accident
Gicker (Dec 19) Please answer our one question survey about which development projects you'd like us to work on first:
Gicker (Dec 19) Holidays 1.5x exp bonus for the Holidays starts today!
Gicker (Dec 19) removed the cap on max hp
Gicker (Dec 13) Redesign and expansion of Keldabe spaceport on Mandalore
Gicker (Dec 13) fixed a bug wherein ships in space would not have unique ship ids
Gicker (Nov 23) 1.5x exp for the Turkey Day Weekend Enjoy!
Gicker (Nov 1) added repeating text directing players to read a help file for their general level, which can be removed by reading that help file
Gicker (Nov 1) added new help files for each level milestone, being level 1, level 5, level 10 and so on every 5 levels. The syntax is HELP LEVEL-5 or HELP LEVEL-10. Currently contains recommended zones, but we'll build on that as we go, suggestings quests, mobs to kill for gear, etc.
Gicker (Oct 30) typing supplyorder or supplyorder new will now tell you what material type you need and how much of it per item
Gicker (Oct 30) typing diagnose or diagnose self will now show you your hp, sp and fp (if a force user for fp)
Gicker (Oct 27) read mail #2169 for more info on language changes
Gicker (Oct 27) made the default language points per level 0 instead of 1
Gicker (Oct 27) modified the skill selection screen in levelup to make it less spammy with all the languages we have now
Gicker (Oct 27) persons who took the auto translate tech ability should have their teach ability point reimbursed. If not see Gicker
Gicker (Oct 27) added the taser dart tech ability
Gicker (Oct 27) linguist feat gives 3 language points per level, normal is 1 per level
Gicker (Oct 27) when levelling languages use language points instead of skill points now
Gicker (Oct 27) removed the auto translator tech ability
Gicker (Oct 27) Added a lot of languages to the game
Gicker (Oct 27) fixed the speak command. Many new languages added
Gicker (Oct 24) Further code optimizations resulting in significant drop of server-side lag
Gicker (Oct 23) Did some code optimizations that should make things much less laggy
Gicker (Oct 14) Fixed the speak command. Now works, no more crashie-crashie
Gicker (Oct 14) fixed password changing at the game menu
Gicker (Oct 13) added hard caps of 2,000,000,000 for exp, artisan exp, credits and bank credits
Gicker (Oct 13) Fixed a bug where new characters would not save if the mud crashed before they quit the game.
Gicker (Oct 13) Changed the format of the who list for mortal player characters.
Gicker (Oct 13) Increased the exp bonuses for grouping considerably. Added a new bonus for grouping with people of the same faction as you.
Gicker (Oct 3) Added a new poll about altering the who command output
Dron (Sep 20) new zone live: Redclaw Territory on Nar Shaddaa
Gicker (Sep 14) increased duration considerably on disable and rewire droid
Gicker (Sep 14) reduced cooldowns on disable and rewire droid
Gicker (Sep 14) added the upgradedroid command
Gicker (Aug 16) fixed a bug where the prompt would show ship info even when on the ground or not piloting a ship
Gicker (Aug 16) replaced the coralskipper ship type with the starviper attack platform
Gicker (Aug 16) reduced price of entry level ships considerably to 5,000 credits
Gicker (Aug 16) added the following new ship types: light r-41 starchaser (rebels), r-41 starchaser (rebels), light m3-a scyk fighter (hutts), m3-a scyk fighter (hutts) and y-8 mining vessel (anyone)
Gicker (Aug 12) dg scripts are temporarily disabled due to frequent crashes caused by scripts. Will reenable when we find the crash culprit.
Gicker (Aug 11) New ship system changes live. See note 22
Gicker (Aug 11) Some dg_script triggers may not work, as I disabled some of it's functionality that was causing a lot of crashes
Gicker (Jul 26) added some new flags in the who list for hyperspace and in space. being in ship combat will also now apply the F flag in who as well.
Gicker (Jul 26) added 3 new ship upgrades: beam focuser, munitions bay and cargo extender. See HELP SHIP-UPGRADES
Gicker (Jul 26) Added an autosalvage option for space combat. Type 'options autosalvage' for more info.
Gicker (Jul 25) Added ship upgrades. Schematics drop randomly by salvaging ship wreckage in space and can be installed by artisans with engineer type or training at any ship hanger. See HELP SHIP-UPGRADES for more info.
Gicker (Jul 25) Wearable dropsuit items have been added to most planet vendors. These can be worn without having armor proficiencies, and used as a dropsuit as long as you have the corresponding feats. They cannot, nor will they be able to be enhanced or crafted. In those cases you will require a suit of armor (not clothing) and the corresponding armor proficiency feat.
Gicker (Jul 24) Rancor's Den Cantina on Nar Shaddaa has been added as the new starting area for Hutt Cartel Faction
Gicker (Jul 24) Rancor
Gicker (Jul 12) Fixed a number of bugs
Gicker (Jun 29) fixed a bug where the mud would sometimes crash when slicing a lockbox or otherwise gaining random treasure
Gicker (Jun 29) added a few new repeatable quests to the upper levels of kashyyyk (level 5-10 mobs)
Gicker (Jun 22) added help files for the new templates
Gicker (Jun 22) Items flagged with the crafting_station object flag will now gain crafting station functionality on the next reboot
Gicker (Jun 22) Added Six New Character Build Templates: Fringe Merchant, Disciple, Outlaw Tech, Stormtrooper, Space Ranger and Corporate Engineer. See listtemplates for more info. Help files not done yet. Stormtrooper requires Empire faction chosen
Gicker (Jun 14) added the gemote command (also can use chat*)
Gicker (Jun 14) Credit for above build goes to Mika. Thanks!
Gicker (Jun 14) Added the Jedi Battlemaster character template for characters who've unlocked the force
Gicker (Jun 14) Characters can now go to their starting planet from the MUD start room, and is included in the character creation process. Though not fully implemented, Rebels will not be able to land on or taxi to Carida Base, and Imperials not on Echo Base. Dropsuits, hitch ride and call shuttle will also be blocked from Carida Base / Echo Base, but not for other zones on Carida and Hoth
Gicker (Jun 14) Added Stormtrooper Training Grounds on Carida for levelling from 5-10
Gicker (Jun 14) Added Carida as a starting planet for Empire Faction, with mobs to level from 1-5
Gicker (Jun 14) depositing items into item storage should now store the item successfully and correctly
Gicker (Jun 13) We're awarding players who want to donate/make new character level 40 builds that we can use for new character templates. See 'note read 9' for more info
Gicker (Jun 10) added ability to rewire droids for artisan subroutines, giving a significant boost to critical chance when crafting and boosts all crafting skills by +5
Gicker (May 25) Added Echo Base, a new rebel starting area
Gicker (May 12) Added additional levelling beyond level 40... See note #4 (note read 4)
Gicker (May 12) Added functionality for new characters to unlock the force. See HELP FORCE-UNLOCK-REQUIREMENTS
Gicker (May 12) Added the hint command to view hints manually
Gicker (May 9) added HELP SHIP-SYSTEMS
Gicker (May 5) Removed fleet functionality as being separate from groups. Groups are now used for both space and ground. Fleet command now shows the group screen except with ship stats. Group followers will no longer follow group leaders into the group leader's ship. Each person much launch separately.
Gicker (May 4) Fixed a bug wherein sometimes the mud would crash after using cwho following adding a new person to the clan.
Gicker (May 4) Added the Arconan race
Gicker (May 4) May the Fourth be with You! In celebration of Star Wars day, d20MUD: Star Wars is offering 1.5x experience for an entire week, ending on May 12th.
Gicker (May 3) New characters can no longer be made force sensitive. We've set up a new system whereby characters can become force sensitive. See HELP FORCE-LOTTERY. Please direction questions/concerns to Gicker
Gicker (May 3) Added the options command, which will show info on the various toggle-able options in the game and which you have enabled
Gicker (May 2) CMUD and users of other clients supporting MSP, read HELP SOUNDS
Gicker (May 2) HELP NOTE for more info
Gicker (May 2) Re-implemented the old note system. We'll be using this as the MUD's forums going forward. You can read messages in the MUD, but posts must be done on our web site at . Ensure you set a web password for your account using the webpass command.
Gicker (May 1) You can now install ship modules at starports using the npcinstall command at double the normal credit cost
Gicker (Apr 21) Fixed a bug that was preventing some gameplay messages from being shown
Gicker (Apr 21) Added builder flags so mobs can rescue other mobs
Gicker (Apr 21) Removed the license system. Licenses will be reimplement in the future as a means of legality of ownership with smuggling, jedi mind tricks, clan rank and security checkpoints
Gicker (Apr 10) Added the Nautolan and Togruta races. Characters may change races upon request. Send a mail to Gicker. Racial ability score modifiers will not take effect without a respec.
Gicker (Apr 5) Fixed a bug that was preventing from people taking 3 classes, due to the recent addition of the pilot class
Gicker (Mar 30) PvE hour now awards extra artisan exp as well
Gicker (Mar 21) Fixed a bugged message when installing ship modules in an already filled slot.
Gicker (Mar 21) Fixed a bug where an attack of opportunity shows a person's mount or battle droid as the person being hit instead of the opponent whenh using tankmount or tanksummon
Gicker (Mar 1) characters new to the mud will display *NEW* next to their names in 'who'
Gicker (Mar 1) weather effects will no longer display in space
Gicker (Mar 1) Fixed a bug where ship modules wouldn't install, saying ship was too small
Gicker (Feb 15) Added ship wrecks after destroying a ship in space combat. Fly within range and use the salvage command on the wreck id
Gicker (Feb 15) Added ship modification system. See HELP SHIP-MODS and HELP SHIP-MOD-TYPES
Gicker (Feb 6) Faction is now enforced when purchasing ships
Gicker (Feb 6) added 5 new Pirate faction ships
Gicker (Feb 3) abilities that offer damage reduction no longer stack with themselves. They will stack with other DR ability effects thoufgh
Gicker (Feb 3) random treasure should now cap at level 40
Gicker (Feb 3) Fixed a bug where one could start a supplyorder making a "nothing" when no supplyorder has been obtained
Gicker (Feb 3) There should now be a proper cooldown on nanobots and nanobots swarm abilities
Gicker (Feb 3) Droid shields will now be used when the buff command is used
Gicker (Jan 31) updated HELP FACTION-HOUR
Gicker (Jan 31) added level 35 and 40 ship npcs in Mandalorian space
Gicker (Jan 31) Added speed full and speed max options
Gicker (Jan 31) added the dock and undock commands for docking at locales in space
Gicker (Jan 31) Added a new zone: Orbital shipyard. Found in Coruscant space. Accessed with the dock command.
Gicker (Jan 30) fixed a bug where characters would lose artisan feats when respeccing
Gicker (Jan 30) Boostengines and boostshields should now be usable out of ship combat
Gicker (Jan 30) Containers and crafting materials can no longer be deposited into item banks.
Gicker (Jan 30) Fixed a bug with rpmote output.
Gicker (Jan 23) Heavy Shields and Endure Pain should now stack
Gicker (Jan 23) Added the stunningblow and blindingstrike commands for the related echani abilities
Gicker (Jan 23) Fixed crashes on quest turnin
Gicker (Jan 20) updated the improved sneak attack help file
Gicker (Jan 20) updated the self concealment help file
Gicker (Jan 20) updated the abilities command with pilot abilities
Gicker (Jan 20) DoT effects will now award the person the mob is fighting with exp if they die during combat.
Gicker (Jan 20) Fixed assassinate ability
Gicker (Jan 20) Added the code for the new pilot abilities: barrel roll, boost engines, boost shields, boost weapons, scattershot, fire all weapons, ship jury rigging, recharge shields, dogfight, stay on target
Gicker (Jan 17) Fixed a bug where a player in hyperspace would see ship combat of persons in their prior system
Gicker (Jan 17) added the noshipcombat command to toggle on/off showing other players' ship battles
Gicker (Jan 17) Removed ion cannons and tractor beams from ships until properly implemented
Gicker (Jan 14) increased npc ship kill exp a bit
Gicker (Jan 14) updated the web client to show ship info when in space
Gicker (Jan 13) Added the pilot command to view your pilot related character info
Gicker (Jan 13) Ship combat now live. See HELP SHIP-COMBAT and HELP SHIP-COMBAT-MECHANICS
Gicker (Jan 7) added the target command, which allows locking a target, setting a keepdistance amount, disengaging, and following a target, which makes you try to close ground with a target if your speed is greater than his, and then maintaining your keepdistance once you've reached it, as well as following the target if it is moving towards another target or coordinate set
Gicker (Jan 7) You must now be within 100,100,100 coordinates in order to land a spacecraft
Gicker (Jan 6) You can now move around in star system space in your ship using the alignto and speed commands
Gicker (Jan 6) using the ship or info command (on ships) will now display weapon info
Gicker (Jan 6) Added some new ship types
Gicker (Jan 5) typing scan will now default to the scanners command, while in space only
Gicker (Jan 5) added npc ship spawns to a few of the star systems
Gicker (Jan 5) added a few new ship types
Gicker (Jan 5) can no longer 'land' while in hyperspace
Gicker (Jan 5) sorted the ship vendor list by skill requirement
Gicker (Jan 5) non droids can no longer buy or launch droid only ships
Gicker (Jan 5) Added the ability to use the 'scanners' command on a specific ship to get info on that ship
Gicker (Jan 5) Added the ability to spawn NPC ships in space
Gicker (Jan 5) Added the ability to assign ships when creating mobs to the mob
Gicker (Jan 4) implants should now be craftable by engineers and not tinkers
Gicker (Jan 4) added HELP SHIPS and HELP SHIP-STATS
Gicker (Jan 4) ship hyperspace travel times are now based upon the ship's hyperdrive multiplier and the distance to the system
Gicker (Jan 4) the shuttle command is no defunct. If you have no ship, you can 'launch' using a transport shuttle instead.
Gicker (Jan 4) Added the new ship types and ship stats. Check your mail for more info
Gicker (Jan 2) Holiday x2 exp promo ended.
Gicker (Dec 24) x2 exp multiplier for the Holidays
Gicker (Dec 12) Added the gunnery and weapon systems skills (not yet implemented)
Gicker (Dec 12) Updated the stats on all ship types
Gicker (Dec 12) Updated the skills command to include artisan and pilot skills
Gicker (Dec 12) You can now use the flee command when at 0 stamina. You will exit combat but stay in the same room
Gicker (Dec 10) Added a new web client with lots of built in features: Best viewed on 1366x768 resolutions and higher
Gicker (Dec 10) Fixed a bug where gift exp gains would not actually gain gift exp (now you will)
Gicker (Dec 10) Added the ability for imms to start pve hours
Gicker (Dec 10) you may use the affects command on group members to see their affects
Gicker (Dec 10) Added all chat types to the chat window in the new web client and certain other supportd clients
Gicker (Dec 6) Quests are working again
Gicker (Dec 2) added the fleet command. Works like groups, except for ships. If you want to fly in separate ships, you need to be following the fleet commander, but NOT grouped. Anyone grouped with the fleet commander flies in the fleet commander's ship. Still some tweaking necessary to allow for multiple groups in a fleet. Fleet channel coming soon as well.
Gicker (Dec 2) Currently only shows player ships, mob ships haven't been added yet
Gicker (Dec 2) scanners are done for space system. While in space type 'scanners' to see nearby ships. Currently, higher level ships have longer reaching scanners, and since you can't yet move in space, it's moot right now.
Gicker (Dec 1) added HELP GROUPING
Gicker (Dec 1) fixed a bug with force harmony regen rate application
Gicker (Nov 24) Rewired droid pets will no longer take up exp in groups, and any kills they make will count as if made by their master
Gicker (Nov 21) Added 4 Quests to the Sand People Camp on Tattooine
Gicker (Nov 21) Added 9 Quests to the Black Sun District on Coruscant
Gicker (Nov 21) Added 5 Rebel Alliance Quests Starting at Parker in the Imperial City Training Center on Coruscant
Gicker (Nov 21) Added HELP TREASURE
Gicker (Nov 21) martial arts feats will now give additional kick attempts
Gicker (Nov 21) linkless characters are now extracted from the game if linkless for over 5 minutes
Gicker (Nov 21) removed the ability to perform additional deceptive, knockdown and debilitating shots if the person is already under maximum effect for those abilities
Gicker (Nov 21) Removed the Pirate piloting license, and consolidated it with the Freelance license
Gicker (Nov 21) Added the following to the buff command: inspire courage, inspire competence, inspire greatness, inspire heroics
Gicker (Nov 21) Made random treasure more rare and with higher bonuses on all drops. Also added additional degrees of bonuses. The order is now: Common, Uncommon, Rare, Storied, Famed, Legendary, Mythical, Fabled
Gicker (Nov 21) FEAT datachips will no longer drop
Gicker (Nov 21) added the findmob command and the FINDMOB help file
Gicker (Nov 21) Fixed a bug that made quickstrike unusable
Gicker (Nov 21) new help files for ACROBATICS, ATHLETICS, DECEPTION skills
Gicker (Nov 21) added HELP CUSTOMIZATION
Gicker (Nov 21) Rewiring a droid will now allow it to follow you when you move around
Gicker (Nov 16) Changed the names of the ships to reflect the current Galatic Empire era. Existing ships will not have the new names. You'll need to sell your ship and buy a new one to get the new ship names.
Gicker (Nov 16) Remember that the Quest Editor is available to both players and staff to make your own quests. Talk to Gicker about getting access.
Gicker (Nov 16) Currently the quests are still being made. You may find a few low level ones for members of the Rebel Alliance clan at Parker in the imperial training center on Coruscant
Gicker (Nov 16) The new quest system is live. Please report any bugs you may find with it to Gicker.
Gicker (Nov 16) made random treasure more rare and with higher bonuses
Gicker (Nov 9) added assassinate, quickshot and quickstrike to abilities combat, and bacta jet and bacta spray to abilities medical
Gicker (Nov 9) Added the quickstrike and quickshot abilities
Gicker (Nov 9) Removed a lot of color from the combat sequence and combat abilities. Please let me know if you see any bleeding color or anything that looks strange.
Gicker (Nov 8) You can now use the consider command on other players
Gicker (Nov 8) You can now change your artisan type with the 'artisan change' command and by spending credits and artisan exp. See help class-artisan for more info.
Gicker (Nov 8) Respeccing no longer resets artisan class, exp or skills
Gicker (Nov 8) Updated the consider command. See the help file.
Gicker (Nov 7) you can no longer give items to mobs unless under certain conditions (ie. valid quest item)
Gicker (Nov 7) Added more quest subcommands: current, complete, accept, abandon
Gicker (Nov 7) added the assassinate feat for scoundrels and bounty hunters and associated help file
Gicker (Nov 7) Added the first half of the new quest system, quest command including quest list and quest info. Quests are not obtainable yet
Gicker (Nov 4) Added the smuggler template. Left to add: force initiate (grey force user build) and Fixer (Focus on crafting, trading and entertainment with the new entertainer class)
Gicker (Oct 21) Fixed a bug where force adepts were forced to retrain their force powers every time they levelled
Gicker (Oct 21) Fixed a bug where the force marauder template was unchoosable
Gicker (Oct 19) Fixed some issues prevent new clans from being made and mails from being read or sent
Gicker (Oct 18) added the tactician template
Gicker (Oct 18) Fixed the spaceport on Dantooine
Gicker (Oct 18) Made some changes to the lightsaber molds access. It now simply requires 7 ranks in the force adept class to access
Gicker (Oct 18) force slow now reduces main hand and off hand attacks by 1 each, minimum 1 attack per round still
Gicker (Oct 18) fixed a bug with dual weapon mastery iv not giving the extra attack it is supposed to in some situations
Gicker (Oct 18) added the tactics command and combat strategist feat for squad leaders
Gicker (Oct 13) Force adepts now get 1 rank of force training the first level they take in force adept.
Gicker (Oct 13) changed mighty swing feat to work with all melee weapons and to increase damage based on level and natural strength mod.
Gicker (Oct 13) Added character build templates for new players learning the system, with the following templates currently: force crusader, force marauder, shock trooper and mercenary
Gicker (Oct 13) Altered positional change text for droids (sit, rest, stand, sleep, etc)
Gicker (Oct 13) Fixed some bugs with overpoweredness in battle droid pets
Gicker (Jul 6) removed the facebook post link upon gaining a level
Gicker (Jul 6) altered the stats and racial benefits of almost all races. Please check the race help files for changes to specific races, or visit the playable races page on our website for more information:
Gicker (Jul 6) added the following feats: rage, mighty rage, tireless rage, extended rage, greater rage
Gicker (Jul 6) Altered the mighty swing feat effect. See HELP MIGHTY-SWING
Gicker (Jun 16) Added a maximum number of targets for autofire and whirlwidn attack. See their respective help files for more info.
Gicker (Jun 16) added the knownissues command
Gicker (Jun 16) known bug: buff toggle settings are not saved yet
Gicker (Jun 16) fixed the clan info for the jedi knight trials quests to coincide with the new clan system
Gicker (Jun 16) added notices in existing unfinished quest lines, stating them as being unfinished
Gicker (Jun 16) added the first 5 quests in a quest line for korriban
Gicker (Jun 16) improved desert village on Korriban for better use as a starting city
Gicker (Jun 16) added the 'buff' command. See HELP-BUFF-COMMAND
Gicker (Jun 13) Added the 'kit' command, allowing you to get some basic gear if you find yourself without anything.
Gicker (Jun 13) added a bounty collector and research/analyze/develop area to the starter village on korriban (more development to come here soon)
Gicker (Jun 13) Fixed a bug where all random items were Fabled quality... sorry :P
Gicker (Jun 13) Machinist class is now live. It will need testing, so if you find glitches, just report with the bug command
Gicker (May 26) Welcome our 2nd new coder, Snihunch.
Gicker (May 26) Welcome Kavar to the staff! He'll be helping out with some of the coding work.
Gicker (May 13) Exp promotional bonus lowered to 25% more exp till end of May
Gicker (May 9) fixed a bug that caused occasional crashes when using the journal system
Gicker (May 9) harvest nodes for tempered plasteel should no longer drop platinum
Gicker (May 9) removed milestones and associated messages
Gicker (May 9) added help files for SKILL-CHECKS, DISGUISES and ABILITIES
Gicker (May 9) Fixed an erroneous message when using the heal ability
Gicker (May 9) added reference to HELP HPAY when attempting to enter a house whose rent has expired
Gicker (Apr 28) 1.5x Experience Promotion for May the 4th (be with you) promotion begins
Gicker (Jan 29) 1.5x experience promotion has ended. We'll do another one in a few months. Thanks for all who are playing!
Gicker (Jan 20) 1.5x experience till the end of January to celebrate d20MUD Star War's 4th anniversary! Enjoy!
Gicker (Jan 6) made all existing epic feats as class feats for all classes
Gicker (Jan 6) reduced cost for identifying items with datapad or from an archaeologist
Gicker (Jan 6) Added the tactical fighter and cunning warrior feats
Gicker (Jan 5) added the following help files: medical-abilities, technical-abilities, echani-abilities
Gicker (Jan 4) The holiday exp bonus has ended. Check in again in a few weeks for another exp bonus for our yearly MUD anniversary
Gicker (Dec 24)
Gicker (Dec 24) Fixed a number of bugs and other issues. See list in url below.
Gicker (Dec 19) Holiday Experience Bonus begins: 1.5x experience gains
Gicker (Nov 23) Added the 'roleplay' command which switches on a flag allowing other players to see that you are seeking role play
Gicker (Nov 23) fixed the references to certain datachip types when slicing a data terminal to match what is shown in the HELP DATACHIP-TYPES help file
Gicker (Nov 23) fixed a reference from old fantasy code about spells not unlocked in the weave, to something more generic for star wars theme
Gicker (Nov 23) Changed output for using abilities from the old fantasy generic 'closes eyes and utters' to something more appropriate for the type of ability being used (force/tech/medic/etc)
Gicker (Nov 23) fixed a reference to 'leather' in certain supply orders. Now references 'kevlar' instead
Gicker (Nov 23) added mobs levels 1-6 to the east and west of desert village on korriban, as well as low-strength boss mobs that drop level-appropriate loot every time
Gicker (Nov 23) Added mold vendors in the desert village on korriban
Gicker (Nov 23) Enabled staff members to be able to use any ability with no cooldown
Gicker (Nov 23) fixed a bug wherein the random_race flag on mobs would allow them to load as spirits
Gicker (Nov 23) Fixed a bug wherein there would display strange characters during combat when parrying with your lightsaber
Gicker (Nov 13) The above bug fix can only be applied to existing characters if they respec again, or have a staff member alter their pfile manually (mainly gicker right now)
Gicker (Nov 13) fixed a bug wherein after respeccing, skill focus, epic skill focus and force power mastery feats were not able to be taken if taken pre-respec
Gicker (Nov 13) Fixed a bug that displayed an extra, unnecessary and potentially misleading line of combat text when using whirlwind attack
Gicker (Nov 13) Adjusted the Mandalore Arena Kill 5 Veterans quest to require 10 kills instead of 5
Gicker (Nov 12) added the locate command and the help file HELP LOCATE
Gicker (Nov 12) added the daily command and help file HELP DAILY-COMMAND
Gicker (Nov 10) Added daily bonus system. See HELP DAILY-BONUSES for more info
Balor (Nov 10) Before you join a new clan (post-new clan system) please be sure to "cresign". Otherwise the mud will crash.
Balor (Nov 10) Added Grand Army of the Republic and Confederacy of Independent Systems as clans. See a staff member if you want to run one of them.
Gicker (Oct 14) Added data terminals. See HELP SLICING and HELP DATACHIP-TYPES
Gicker (Sep 15) added ability for people to restore characters from the character select screen
Gicker (Aug 13) Implemented new clan system, please type mail read 6771
Gicker (Jul 30) updated the help file for BOUNTIES and added on for TASK FORCES
Gicker (Jul 10) fixed a bug wherein wielding a double bladed lightsaber caused crashes
Gicker (Jun 22) fixed a bug wherein using the guildexp command with the experience parameter did not properly award guild exp
Gicker (Jun 21) added HELP ZELTRON
Gicker (Jun 21) Fixed a bug where 'distant power' force secret would not work because it required you to be in combat first
Gicker (Jun 18) fixed room output of 'camp' items to display bonus to force point and stamina point regen in addition to hp
Gicker (Jun 18) fixed functionality of knockdown feat
Gicker (Jun 18) updated HELP WHIRLWIND
Gicker (Jun 18) updated HELP YODAN
Gicker (Jun 18) fixed a bug where 'force recovery' feat did not work
Gicker (Jun 12) Changed the way the invest command works. Please see HELP INVEST
Gicker (Jun 9) added fastcrafting command which, when enabled sacrifices experience for faster crafting (based on fast crafter feat)
Gicker (Jun 7) fixed the bug wherein the score command would crash the MUD for non-force sensitive characters
Gicker (Jun 5) updated HELP COLOR with all of our color codes
Gicker (Jun 5) ewoks should now be able to speak any language without it being auto-reset to ewokese
Gicker (Jun 5) added code to auto-promote people in their clan based on level, not including leadership ranks
Gicker (Jun 2) Fixed PVE hour to add the proper exp multiplier
Gicker (Jun 1) 10% Exp Bonus for June begins
Gicker (May 28) reinstated ability to use experience to increase your guild level
Gicker (May 27) Fixed the proper display of the 'back' wear slot
Gicker (May 27) Fixed bugs wherein some of the new crafting mold wear slots would not be auto-equipped after a reboot/relog/copyover/crash
fixed a number of typos throughout the MUD
said channels for experience and other rewards without actually role playing.
role play channels in the event that the player has been shown to be intentionally abusing
Added the norp and norpfile commands for admins to revoke a character's ability to use
These abilities should no longer hit group members in the same room when used.
Fixed bugs with the following abilities: frag grenade, gas grenade, oil slick, flamethrower
temptation, gauge force potential
force lightning, force stun, move object, negate energy, force surge, force slam, force push,
Added the following help files: battle strike, dark rage, force disarm, force grip, force heal,
Gicker (May 21) Performed the following:
Gicker (May 21) updated help armor
Gicker (May 21) added several new mold slots: light, ear, face, ankle, shoulders, back
Gicker (May 21) changed how the mold vendor at czerka works. Still the same mob in the same place
Gicker (May 20) added the armor expert and strong back feats
Gicker (May 20) removed use of general experience to be used in the guildexp command
Gicker (May 20) altered output of skills command (thanks to arholly for his design)
Gicker (May 19) Bonus Exp Weekend has ended
Gicker (May 14) looking at a piece of armor will now tell you its armor type and class (none,light,med,heavy)
Gicker (May 14) fixed random armor drops where some cases would result in wrong wear slots
Gicker (May 14) added the zeltron race and help file
Gicker (May 14) added the mirialan race, language and help file
Gicker (May 14) Added additional bonuses and help file update for cyborg race
Gicker (May 12) Sadly, the Star Wars Day (May the 4th) exp promo has ended. Experience bonus has been removed.
Gicker (May 11) Fixed a number of bugs, see above (news command)
Changed credit hound feat to apply only to random treasure gains, pilfers and slicing lockboxes and increased bonus to 10% / rank instead of 5% / rank
Kashyyk identify vendor now functional
Fixed the function that handles credit gains to prevent exploits
Fixed the level summary page to properly display ability score gains
Fixed the disarm ability so that it will properly use up actions now
Fixed the account experience display for character generation when using the listraces command
Stims and gadgets not longer drop from pilfering or slicing lockboxes
Fixed restrings on holocrons, power cell batteries and bacta refills when loreing/iding them
Fixed the sell amount text when using the value command in a shop
Fixed an error whereby certain force powers requiring a feat to take, was not requiring the feat
Fixed a crash that would occur when a new character types quickslots
Kushiban bite attack combat text is fixed
Guildexp can no longer reduce (and loop) converted types (exp, artisan exp, etc)
Fixed undefined material type bundles obtained from dismantle command
Improved drop rate for ability score modifier datachips
Micro Munitions now only uses 1 action
Gicker (May 8) Added some new hints to hints.c
Gicker (May 8) Added a login notice for max level characters to check HELP END GAME
Gicker (May 8) added HELP VERPINE
Gicker (May 8) Added the verpine race and language
Gicker (May 8) added player's short desc when looking at them
Gicker (May 8) updated help house
Gicker (May 7) Added a wiki on the web site:
Gicker (May 7) added harvest orders and resource merits. See HELP HARVEST-ORDERS
Gicker (May 7) updated the toggle command to include all current preference flags
Gicker (May 5) Updated help files for END-GAME and GUILDS
Gicker (May 5) Added the ability to breakdown skill bonuses with the skills command.
Gicker (May 5) Updated HELP REMORT
Gicker (May 5) Added the remnort system for max level characters.
Gicker (May 5) Changed respec to use random string instead of password to confirm
Gicker (May 4) 1.5x exp promotion from today till May 11th in honour of Star Wars Day: May 4th
Gicker (Apr 24) respecs are now free for everyone at any level.
Gicker (Apr 24) fixed a bug in respeccing that caused you to lose artisan exp when respeccing
Gicker (Apr 24) added instant harvest feat for artisans (may require a respec)
Gicker (Apr 24) Wookiees now start with wookiee grip feat (will require a respec)
Gicker (Apr 24) Fixed wookiee grip feat
Gicker (Apr 22) added the following help files: empty clip, evasive fighting, expertise, feint, focus fire, goad, head shot, cheap shot, heavy burst, hunter's target, intimidate, kick, observe (familiar foe), overcharge shot, pilfer, rescue, spread fire, smite, taunt, trip, weapon cyclone, whirlwind, force light, force defenses, adrenaline boost, force shift, mind trick, force speed, force slow, force prowess, force storm, repair drone, force disc
Gicker (Apr 22) Changed all jedi classes to light side and all sith classes to dark side, and removed clan requirements
Gicker (Apr 20) added the cranks command and added it to help clan
Gicker (Apr 20) removed instances of supplyorder that asked to make unused armor or unused weapon
Gicker (Apr 16) Added a message to the affects/affs command that lets you know when you have a cantina bonus to expo
Gicker (Apr 14) for a quick overview of things that have been added or changed so far this year check out our newest development posting on the web site:
Gicker (Apr 13) Added a notice in the room desc when people are in a cantina
Gicker (Apr 13) greatly increased the chance for harvesting nodes with rare material types to load
Gicker (Apr 13) you may now use advanced material types when doing supply orders
Gicker (Apr 13) fixed the issue with flak armor crashing us when trying to use one as a crafting mold
Gicker (Apr 13) better crafting materials will now award additional artisan experience while creating new items or doing supply orders
Gicker (Apr 13) added a hard coded material vendor on czerka. Only sells basic materiasl
Gicker (Apr 10) added help files for HELP CRAFTINGBRIEF and HELP CRAFTINGTIMER
Gicker (Apr 10) Added toggle for the new crafting timer (craftingtimer command) so that terminals/clients that don't support it are not having messed up display during crafting (for example the browser client on our web site)
Gicker (Apr 10) added ability to gain account exp from doing supply orders, bounties or task forces, with a combined cap of 500 per day, per character
Gicker (Apr 10) added help file for HELP PVP-HOUR
Gicker (Apr 10) added PVE hour, and accompanying help file HELP PVE-HOUR
Gicker (Apr 9) Added HELP SCREENREADER
Gicker (Apr 9) Ewok race can now speak basic, and other languages instead of being limited to ewokese
Gicker (Apr 9) added a toggle called screenreader that allows the visually impaired to optimize/alter their output for screen readers. This feature is not fully implemented. If you are visually impaired please let us know how we can improve this feature
Gicker (Apr 9) Added a crafting progress timer to the prompt (ideally used with the craftingbrief toggle turned on)
Gicker (Mar 25) the artisan command output now shows artisan skills you are not trained in as well
Gicker (Mar 25) Added a chance for datachips to drop when dismantling an item
Gicker (Mar 25) Fixed a bug where offhand weapons would not display in equipment command
Gicker (Mar 25) Added consumables as random drops that will recharge your force points, bacta or power cells
Gicker (Mar 24) added defense breakdown using the defenses command
Gicker (Mar 24) Known Issue: Grenade launchers proc'ing 100% instead of 25% of the time
Gicker (Mar 23) added several new types of armor and weapon modules
Gicker (Mar 23) added the new planet Nar Shaddaa
Balor (Mar 19) Nar Shaddaa is finished enough to allow open playtesting. I still need to write some quests and add/subtract some mobs and rooms, but for now it's ready to be playtested. It will be in as soon as Gicker has time to load it.
Gicker (Mar 5) Altered defensivestance ability so that the movement restriction only applies while in combat
Gicker (Mar 5) Added help files for the following: focus, decoy, defensive stance, double burst, disarm
Gicker (Mar 3) added the numattacks command, and fixed the weapons command to reflect the changes. Please note that there has been some change in functionality. If you believe you have been affected or something doesn't appear right, please send me a mail
Gicker (Feb 12) Added the 'combine' command which will combine all your resource bundles of the same type together
Gicker (Feb 11) Low level random treasure drops should now always have a minimum item bonus of +1 and be useable at level 1
Gicker (Jan 7) Fixed a bug that prevented the ability to travel to the planet Myrkr via personal starship
Gicker (Jan 7) Fixed a bug that prevented the ability to travel to the planet Myrkr via personal starship
Gicker (Jan 5) fixed a problem with decimals in displaying exp tnl in the prompt
Gicker (Jan 5) re-implemented the hints system
Gicker (Jan 5) added mustafarian race and language
Gicker (Jan 5) added planet myrkr and moved flaming hand pirates zone tere
Gicker (Jan 5) added planet mustafar and a level 37-40 zone on the planet
Gicker (Jan 3) Made a fix to prevent crashes when using oil slick & flamethrower on a large group of enemies
Gicker (Jan 3) fixed many code compiling errors. Any odd behavior let me know. May also fix some bugs.
Gicker (Jan 3) fixed a bug when trying to craft flak armor
Balor (Dec 24) Tomorrow at 9pm EST I will hold a Christmas Star Wars Trivia Contest. Prizes include free levels, artisan experience, credits, and account experience. Everyone is welcome and everyone will get a special prize for playing. Hope tonsee you all there!
Gicker (Dec 22) Added the clone race
Gicker (Dec 22) We've begun our Holiday / 3rd Anniversary Promotion. 1.5x experience for everyone till the end of January.
Gicker (Dec 18) renamed multiattack (pistols) to improved pistol accuracy, to deter misunderstanding of the feat's functionality
Gicker (Dec 18) the lightsaber feat is acquired upon taking a level in any force sensitive class, and does not implicitly require a respec. Thanks to Dahark for confirming
Gicker (Dec 17) made it so that all force based classes get lightsaber proficiency when taken. This may require a respec to take effect.
Gicker (Dec 16) Updated HELP LIGHTWHIP and HELP WEAPONS
Gicker (Dec 16) added lightwhip weapon type
Gicker (Dec 13) sith assassins no longer need ranks in force adept class
Gicker (Dec 13) removed requirement for sith apprentices to have levels in the force adept class
Gicker (Dec 10) Added a Player Activity Table and Graph for # Online last 24 hours:
Gicker (Dec 9) added the fargul language
Gicker (Dec 9) drastically reduced drop rate of the krayt dragon pearl in mandalore
Gicker (Dec 9) adjusted the exp reward for mandalore arena quests... they were giving 10x the appropriate exp
Gicker (Dec 8) Added a new poll (poll command)
Gicker (Dec 8) added the Farghul advanced race and help file
Gicker (Dec 8) fixed a bug where 2nd neck item not showing when looking at a character
Gicker (Dec 4) increased the chance for finding lightsaber crystals from random drops
Gicker (Dec 4) added the checkclass command for reviewing class prerequisites
Gicker (Dec 4) removed stims and gadgets from random treasure drops. Plans to make them craftable
Gicker (Nov 24) fixed a typo with the force light power displaying the wrong target
Gicker (Nov 24) fixed the landing destinations when in your ship to correlate to the proper planet
Gicker (Nov 24) fixed a bug where the tech ability 'call transport shuttle' would crash them mud
Balor (Nov 23) We will begin replacing inactive clan leaders with active players beginning December 1st, 2014. If you are replaced as a clan leader, you will be notified via mud mail.
Balor (Nov 20) Anyone interested in an upcoming RP event? If so, send a MUD mail to Tieko so we can make this happen!
Gicker (Nov 18) fixed a bug that caused a crash when force users would attempt to use a force ability with a force secret enabled
Gicker (Nov 13) added support for account exp gain from crafting, exping, etc with a cap of 30 account exp per hour
Gicker (Nov 10) added a short confirmation code at the end of a levelup process, to prevent people losing their changes by mistake froma trigger or typo
Gicker (Nov 10) usage of the accexp command now requires exact matches instead of allowing abbreviations, which often resulted in people unlocking something other than what was intended
Gicker (Nov 4) the czerka station auction house is back. Please use the backup command before putting something up for sale.
Gicker (Nov 4) you can now view all submitted bugs, ideas and typos on the web site
Gicker (Nov 4) reverted idea/bug/typo commands to the stock format for the time being
Gicker (Nov 4) added new naming convention to move regen stims to differentiate from healing ones
Gicker (Nov 4) added a cap of 5 ranks to inspire courage
Gicker (Nov 4) fixed a bug in hpay command that was preventing some characters from being able to use the command properly
Balor (Oct 31) Added a small addition to Coruscant's Marketplace. If you find it, send me a mud mail with what you think it is, if you are correct, I'll give you a reward! Good luck!
Gicker (Oct 15) please remember that journal entry rewards are doubled during rp and faction hour
Gicker (Oct 14) Added the taskforce command, usable at any bounty contractor to take bounties that adjust your alignment as opposed to gaining reputation. Please note that there is a lack of good aligned mobs right now, for those trying to become more evil... we will work on that.
Gicker (Oct 7) Added the journal system for solo role players. See HELP JOURNAL and/or
Gicker (Oct 7) converted the 'time' command to show a more appropriate star wars calendar
Gicker (Oct 3) Added a weapon / armor module system. See help files INSTALL, DECONSTRUCT, COMPILE, DATABITS and
Gicker (Oct 2) More Info Space System Development Here:
Gicker (Oct 2) Added new functionality for the space system so that visible players and text is filtered appropriately
Balor (Sep 26) Dante has been added as an enforcer/social imm.
Gicker (Sep 18) fixed an issue where people in space couldn't see non-group members even if they weren't in space as well (ie. empty who list with other players online and vis)
Gicker (Sep 18) Fixed the web site area for editing your character info (including descs which award exp and accexp)
Gicker (Sep 17) Added the HELP STARSHIP help file which covers the space system as implemented now
Gicker (Sep 17) phase 2 of the space system is about to go live, launching, hyperspace and landing. Any game breaking bugs, please email me at The use of the starship command has been replace with the launch/hyperspace/land commands and regular shuttle times have been increased.
Gicker (Sep 12) fixed force light so that it will never self-target
Gicker (Sep 12) facebook updates re-enabled on web site (the link you get when you gain a level)
Gicker (Sep 9) added the dismantle command (and help file) allowing people to break down some of the random items they find into their base materials + artisan exp. Unsure if the artisan exp rewards are where we want them, let us know if it seems out of balance.
Balor (Aug 18) New coding projects are underway as is construction of Nar Shaddaa. Bear with us as wait times may be longer than normal. Thanks.
Gicker (Jul 3) added new code to prevent obtaining rp exp when it is not warrented
Gicker (Jun 27) Staff may edit and create objects again safely
Gicker (Jun 27) added the olink command. See HELP OLINK
Gicker (Jun 27) Please note that Gicker is on holiday from June 28th to July 2nd, and may not be on much during that 4-day period
Gicker (Jun 27) added the jedi master prestige class - class is still in testing, be advised that there may be issues at first
Gicker (Jun 24) Staff - please do not attempt to create or edit objects until further notice.
Gicker (Jun 24) fixed TNL amounts in the score when exp needed is negative
Gicker (Jun 24) attempted to fix a crash occuring with slicing lockboxes
Gicker (Jun 20) updated the wizlist
Gicker (Jun 19) added jedi padawan trials zone on tython levels 1-10
Gicker (Jun 19) raised level limit of harvested datachips from 30 to 40
Gicker (Jun 19) Added Tython (shops & cantina only for now)
Gicker (Jun 19) emporium-bought items will no longer act as crafting molds
Gicker (Jun 18) added the nopvp flag. Permanently makes your character unable to take part in pvp as attacker or target
Gicker (Jun 13) Monday June 16th, I will be upgrading our server software, and as a result, the MUD may be offline for a number of hours in the afternoon (East Coast). Please bare with me, and let others know. Thanks -- Gicker
Gicker (Jun 11) Testers needed! See
Gicker (Jun 11) crafting theory skill was removed due to lack of relevant use, any use crafting theory did previously is now performed by harvesting skill. Respeccing will restore any points put into crafting theory
Gicker (Jun 10) added the theorize command, and theory to practice feat, plus HELP THEORIZE
Gicker (Jun 9) Please see about the new rpmote command (live next copyover)
Gicker (Jun 9) Please see: regarding the study and theorize commands
Gicker (Jun 7) combat system updates made. This does not include the 'new' combat system on the dev port. See
Gicker (Jun 6) We are developing a new combat system, and are inviting testers with rewards for those who participate. See
Gicker (Jun 5) added bowcaster and heavy blaster rifle info to HELP WEAPONS
Gicker (Jun 4) all advanced races can now progress to level 40 now, removing the limitation of their race level adjustment
Gicker (Jun 4) Those who were having trouble registering on our web site, I believe I have resolved the issue
Gicker (Jun 2) added some screen reader improvements, msp support, and some other goodies and fixes this past week:
Gicker (May 25) Updated the display command for screen reader users + expedited rp reward gains. See
Gicker (May 23) Fixed bugs concerning taking the same feat multiple times to no effect (force training and sneak attack for exampel)
Gicker (May 21) adjusted credit cost and exp reward for the study command to be more balance & scale more with level
Gicker (May 21) added the cheap shot and focus combat commands. See
Gicker (May 21) We've made some improvements to the inventory command. For more info see here:
Gicker (May 21) added the commando prestige class, 2 new weapons and a couple of new bounty hunter class abilities. Read more at
Gicker (May 15) Added a new survey on our web site. Type motd for more info. Free rewards for completing it.
Gicker (May 15) added the ability to cut down on combat spam even further with the 'output combat sparse' commad
Gicker (May 14) I've re-organized the command list (type commands for more info)
Gicker (May 8) made the minimum bonus for misc random equipment (non weapons/armor) to 1, to eliminate the creation of useless random gear
Gicker (May 8) adjusted the output for obtaining random treasure
Gicker (May 8) added new description format for armor and shields
Gicker (May 7) adjusted loot tables. Lower levels now have a greater chance to find loot. Maxmimum stats on loot increased to a potential +5 over average. Descriptions of random loot adjusted for weapons, stims and misc items. Armor will be done tomorrow.
Gicker (May 7) made some changes to tracking. see HELP TRACKING for more info
Gicker (May 6) added an areas command to see available areas near your level
Gicker (May 6) changed the draw fire feat from a soldier class feat to a general feat that anyone can take.
Gicker (May 6) reset factional standings (standings command) to zero.
Gicker (Apr 16) updated the motd, please read it when you have a chance
Gicker (Apr 7) added help file for cover fire
Gicker (Mar 22) added training lightsabers for sale at the archaeologist in the corsucant markets
Gicker (Mar 22) updated wookiee help file
Gicker (Mar 22) wookiees have an increased hit point regeneration rate
Gicker (Mar 22) wookiees now get a bonus to the damage penalty caused by the intimidate command
Gicker (Mar 22) added the ability for wookies to use the rage command
Gicker (Mar 22) added a new weapon type: bowcasters (wookiees only atm)
Gicker (Feb 26) added help file for GOAD
Gicker (Feb 26) added help file for AIM
Gicker (Feb 25) added the abilities command
Gicker (Feb 12) The 1.5x exp promotion has ended. We will re-run the promotion in April. All the best! Gicker
Gicker (Jan 6) d20MUD 2nd Yearly Anniversary EXP Bonus of 1.5x Exp Begins until end of January
Gicker (Jan 6) Christmas Holiday Exp Bonus of 2x Exp Ended
GRZ-6B (Dec 19) test
Gicker (Nov 14) added the history command that keeps a history of various communication command logs. Likely to be some bugs, but seems to be working on first glance
Gicker (Nov 5) added facebook group feed on our website
Gicker (Nov 5) reset factional standings
Gicker (Nov 1) added the defenses informative command
Balor (Jul 31) We are changing our official timeline and era to the post-Battle of Geonosis Clone Wars Era.
Gicker (Jun 3) added extra damage to kick for echani training users
Gicker (Jun 3) added echani training with the following echani abilities in to start: echani focus, endure pain, blinding strike, touch of death, stunning blow
Gicker (May 23) capped invest amount at 50k
Balor (May 17) Solo RPing now allowed on a limited basis, see your mailbox (mail list inbox) for more details.
Gicker (May 13) updated HELP ARMOR to include HELP AC
Gicker (May 13) Jedi Master Akanmon in the Jedi Temple on Coruscant now offers quests that allow people to join the jedi order, and following that, become a jedi knight
Balor (May 10) Czerka Space Station Crafting Area has been made into a tavern again to prevent errant PVPing.
Gicker (May 10) crafting stations should be fixed now
Gicker (May 10) added training lightsaber weapon type. Deals 2d6 damage, and is a lightsaber in all senses except it can't be used to deflect attacks
Gicker (May 9) removed all methods of acquiring a lightsaber except for a short quest line starting at the tatooine cantina. lightsaber molds now cost quest points/reputation
Gicker (May 8) fixed gadgets and stims for NULL targets and to only set the cooldown timer if successfully used
Gicker (May 8) fixed equipment message for disarmed weapons
Gicker (May 8) fixed messages with bacta jet again
Gicker (May 7) added new lightsaber crafting feature, see help lightsaber-crystals
Gicker (May 7) fixed the republic training centre quests so all of them require 10 kills, with quest text duplicating that amount
Gicker (May 7) fixed various damaging abilities so the damage message is now shown before the damage is actually dealt
Gicker (May 7) fixed an erroneous message with bacta jet
Gicker (May 7) hopefully removed all references to scrolls and wands
Gicker (May 7) fixed a bug with emporium list not screening for bonus amount
Gicker (May 7) fixed a bug displaying equipment slots
Gicker (May 7) no progression stages at this point, system has been disabled for now
Gicker (May 7) max level is level 40 now
Balor (May 5) Anyone caught abusing the Emporium System to get gear better than what they should be able to get at their level will be immediately and irrevocably banned from the ENTIRETY of the family. DO NOT TEST US!
Balor (Apr 26) Readded Weapons and Armor shop on Mandalore, redescribed the Mandalorian Arena, and removed the Krayt Dragon Quest.
Gicker (Apr 25) pvp award exp is fixed
Gicker (Apr 25) Balor's email is, as a correction
Balor (Apr 24) Removed the Gamekeeper and Krayt Dragon Quest on Mandalore.
Balor (Apr 24)
Balor (Apr 24) Still looking for builders, if you are interested, please send an email to
Gicker (Apr 22) updated the bug, idea and typo commands to use luminarimud's system
Gicker (Apr 22) added mandalorian elite corps training on mandalore
Gicker (Apr 22) added echani training facility on quesh
Gicker (Apr 21) added the flaming hand pirate camp on dantooine
Gicker (Apr 21) added toydarian race and help file
Gicker (Apr 21) re-added the vendor in czerka space station
Gicker (Apr 20) fixed convert command so it only works with converting crafting matertials
Gicker (Apr 20) fixed the help files for pinpoint accuracy and improved weapon finesse, which both now do 1/2 dex bonus damage
Gicker (Apr 20) fixed a bug where players could deflect/parry/riposte attacks against group mates in a different room than they
Gicker (Apr 20) reduced the bonus to damage for imp weapon finesse and ataru form to 1/2 dex bonus, and those two do not stack
Gicker (Apr 20) reduced the rp exp award timer down to 30 seconds between reward ticks
Gicker (Apr 20) removed scaling of rp experience point rewards, so that powerlevelling at low levels by way of role play is lessened
Gicker (Apr 20) removed the augment command until we can properly balance artisan exp gains for it
Gicker (Apr 20) removed the schematic and convert commands until reassessment can be done to both for proper balancing
Gicker (Apr 20) critical hits now reroll ONLY base damage dice, a x2 crit of a 2d8 weapon would be 4d8, x3 6d8, etc
Gicker (Apr 20) placed a limit of 3 classes total, aside from artisan which is separate (note, artisan, not trader)
Gicker (Apr 20) fixed a calculation error where damage was multiplied two times by the crit multiplier when a crit would occur
Gicker (Apr 20) reduced perfect aim effect down to +1 on top of the existing aim effect
Gicker (Apr 20) reduced aim effect from +5 crit threat range down to +1, and increased duration from 1 round to 3
Gicker (Apr 19) fixed a refeence to 'gold coins' in mob drops
Gicker (Apr 19) redid the math and process on critical hit damage adjustment. Crits, while still good, don't deal near the damage that they used to
Gicker (Apr 19) post-thirty progression system removed, and replaced by a new max level of 40
Regenex (Oct 22) PLease do not touch the crafting system
Gicker (Oct 21) fixed mutliattack
Gicker (Oct 20) fixed epic dodge feat
Gicker (Oct 18) increased exp required for epic levels
Gicker (Oct 17) adjusted the way post thirty levels work and removed yodans as a player choosable race for new characters.... see...
Gicker (Oct 17) you can now downgrade to any level below the original level, instead of being capped at 30
Gicker (Oct 17) fixed the augment computations
Gicker (Oct 16) droids can no longer become force users unless they choose to be shards during their first levelup
Gicker (Oct 16) added a new poll about our pvp system
Gicker (Oct 16) added cyborg race
Gicker (Oct 13) added a bounty hunter tracking droid available at the bounty hunter shop on tatooine for 1000 rep, let's you use the where command
Gicker (Oct 13) Added the reattune command usable with certain mobs in the sith and jedi temples. this will allow you to rechoose your force powers for account exp
Gicker (Oct 9) there is a new survey. Please complete it when you have time: once done come to the mud as your favorite character which you want an exp reward for and type redeem surveys 2
Gicker (Oct 9) coruscant galactic market armor shop now buys armor of type "OTHER" in identify screen
Gicker (Oct 9) Added the planet quesh, a level 22-25 group zone
Gicker (Oct 9) falleen gain +4 to charisma and a +3 bonus to persuasion and deception skills
Gicker (Oct 9) sith pureblood have +3 to use the force checks, +2 to will defense, +2 to con, wis and cha, and can never roll less than a 10 on a use the force check, they are an advanced race that costs 5000 account exp
Gicker (Oct 9) added the falleen race and the sith purblood race
Gicker (Oct 8) fixed a major bug where people could read mails not addressed to them 0.0
Gicker (Oct 3) d20mud is now available to the public:
Gicker (Sep 27) adjusted the rank structure on the sith clan
Gicker (Sep 27) UPDATED the HELP DROIDS file to address the possibility of droids being force users
Gicker (Sep 27) HELP SITH-EMPIRE
Gicker (Sep 27) Added a help file on the Sith Empire
Gicker (Sep 27) dark healing seems to be working. The amount of damage is based on youtr sith apprentice level. syntax is useforce 'dark healing'
Gicker (Sep 17) Please see for information on the downtime last night and what we are doing about people who can't login their characters without crashing the MUD
Gicker (Sep 13) Posted something regarding the upcoming usa election and proper channels for discussion. note read 694
Gicker (Sep 12) added HELP FORCE DISC
Gicker (Sep 12) FORCE-DISC
Gicker (Sep 12) added HELP FORCE STORM
Gicker (Sep 12) force-storm
Gicker (Sep 12) added HELP FORCE PROWESS
Gicker (Sep 12) added HELP FORCE SLOW
Gicker (Sep 12) force-slow
Gicker (Sep 12) added HELP FORCE SPEED
Gicker (Sep 12) added HELP FORCE SHIFT
Gicker (Sep 12) updated HELP PRESTIGE CLASSES
Gicker (Sep 12) added HELP FORCE-DEFENSES
Gicker (Sep 12) max hp and fp now scale with mentor level
Gicker (Sep 12) I believe that the bug wherein a player's death causes a crash and loss of gear is now fixed
Gicker (Sep 10) that's note read 689 we all love alarick, but that's not the news I wanted to point out :)
Gicker (Sep 10) Added an update to the game develop short term plan. Type note read 684
Gicker (Sep 10) coming soon: tech and medic 'powers' based off of mechanics and treat injury skills that will gives buffs and do damage just like force powers
Gicker (Sep 10) fixed some misc errors with combat message display
Gicker (Sep 10) increased damage die size on move object to d12s
Gicker (Sep 10) battle strike now gives +5 to attack rolls
Gicker (Sep 10) new force powers added are... force defenses : Grey Side, adrenaline boost : Grey Side, force shift : Grey Side, force speed : Grey Side, force slow : Grey Side, force prowess : Grey Side, force storm : Dark Side, force disc : Grey Side
Gicker (Sep 10) fixed a bug that was preventing mobs from fighting back in certain situations
Gicker (Sep 10) altered the force training feat. see help force training for more info
Gicker (Sep 10) added a number of new force powers. help files to come.
Gicker (Sep 10) updated mudlet GUI for better viewability on laptops and it now includes a score sheet
Gicker (Sep 10) extra offhand attacks do not work with whirlwind attack
Gicker (Sep 10) added additional offhand attacks for dual weapon mastery i, iii & v
Gicker (Sep 9) fixed the force senses wis bonus when wearing body armor or clothing on body slot
Gicker (Sep 7) increased amount of exp gained for recipient of gift when using gift command
Gicker (Sep 7) increased artisan exp gain on harvesting nodes
Gicker (Sep 7) trying to heal someone who is at full health will now fail without starting a cooldown
Gicker (Sep 7) added the emptyclip command for the empty clip feat
Gicker (Sep 7) tatooine now has a small planetary map, fully explorable, with all zones connected to it. There is an 'out' direction at the mos eisley speeder pad. Be careful, when travelling the worldmap, your movement is decreased very fast. Speeders coming soon for this purpose
Gicker (Sep 7) quests and quest progress now save over logins and reboots and copyovers
Gicker (Sep 5) fixed the known issues with autofire. Please report using the bug command if you find others
Gicker (Sep 5) Having some issues with autofire. exp is working fine now, but there are other issues as well. appreciate your patience till I can fix. No need to avoid using though
Gicker (Sep 4) added the rifleman and carbineer prestige classes
Gicker (Sep 4) added feats to show class feats by class
Gicker (Sep 4) reduced spam caused by whirlwind, autofire and condition damage
Gicker (Sep 4) tech shield and shield generators found in random treasure should now work correctly
Gicker (Sep 4) supply orders in czerka station now working
Gicker (Sep 3) added the following new global ooc channels: GAME, SUPPORT
Gicker (Sep 3) help rules complaining removed. help rules channels added. please read
Gicker (Sep 2) the backup command is now fixed. Please backup your gear regularly by using the backup command. Do not set a trigger.
Gicker (Aug 31) added HELP ACCEXP
Gicker (Aug 31) updated help account experience
Gicker (Aug 31) fixed a bug where a failed disarm would result in a mob losing attacks for the rest of the battle
Gicker (Aug 31) timer on pvp rewards set to 10 mins approx.
Gicker (Aug 31) Some changes and rebalancing done. See note 667 (note read 667)
Gicker (Aug 31) my bad the auction house is NOT fixed. Removing from zone until it is.
Gicker (Aug 27) Auction House is saving stats over copyovers again. Apologies for the pain this may have caused some.
Gicker (Aug 24) Please read note 647 about botting. Thanks all.
Gicker (Aug 23) that's "Killik Tunnels"
Gicker (Aug 23) added the killing tunnels, a new level 26+ group zone located on Dantooine
Gicker (Aug 23) added tech shields and shield generators. See note 634
Gicker (Aug 23) Revamped Czerka Space Station. Type note read 631
Gicker (Aug 22) armortech and weapontech have been combined into a single craft: armstech
Gicker (Aug 22) updated help armor
Gicker (Aug 22) Adjusted the armor system again... type note read 628
Gicker (Aug 20) added a quest for sand people warriors in mos eisley cantina
Gicker (Aug 18) when you id an item or try an item in a shop, it now displays the same text as when you use the look command on the item
Gicker (Aug 18) fixed the block class mob flag so that someone only needs to have ranks in said class, instead of having it be their 'active' class (last class taken while levelling)
Gicker (Aug 18) added HELP ARMOR
Gicker (Aug 17) fixed the messed up maxmim weight allowances
Gicker (Aug 17) the facebook link when you level should now work again
Gicker (Aug 17) Adjusted the armor system. Only newly found/bought/made armor will be affected. See note 612
Gicker (Aug 13) fixed the last command
Gicker (Aug 8) reduced exp requirements for level to 70% of previous requirements at all levels
Gicker (Jul 9) The web area for editing characters is now fixed. You may enter your character's physical description, personality and background. The longer these are, the more experience you will gain *the next time you log in* Adding more information later will also result in added experience (ie with backgrounds)
Gicker (Jul 9) Added 2 new polls. Removed poll voting on some polls. Thank you for your participation. Remember that you gain credits and experience for voting.
Gicker (Jul 9) Admins now have access to all mud commands and permissions
Igabod (Jun 21) Material shop on coruscant has unlimited supplies of all mats now
Igabod (Jun 21) Help file for the reroll command added.
Igabod (Jun 21) Help file for the respec command added.
Gicker (Jun 17) mail command is fixed, no more crashesd
Gicker (Jun 16) added a pose command
Gicker (Jun 16) instead of penalizing people with low rp points, instead those who have met their quota will gain a 25% bonus to all exp gains
Gicker (Jun 16) you can now apprentice people as often as you like, but can only ever have one apprentice at a time
Gicker (Jun 15) fixed zedit, assigned open zones to proper planets
Gicker (Jun 9) where command is reserved now for imms and those with the sentinel awareness feat
Gicker (Jun 9) epic levels abolished. epic feats only available through post level 30 progression now. Regular feat progression continue at level 20 now through level 30
Gicker (Jun 9) added the following jedi knight feats: jedi guardian, jedi sentinel, jedi consular, jedi shadow, guardian toughness, sentinel awareness, consular healing, shadow stealth
Gicker (Jun 9) added all of the lightsaber form feats to the sith apprentice class
Gicker (Jun 7) hover droids created by crafters are now also treated as lights
Gicker (Jun 6) adjusted rp exp rewards to take into account post thirty level progression
Gicker (Jun 6) put in code that should force rent linkless characters eventually
Gicker (Jun 6) the noinfo toggle will determine whether you see the info channel or not. Turned on by default.
Gicker (Jun 6) setting your anonymous flag will prevent you from being announced on the info channel when you log in
Gicker (Jun 6) characters logging into the game will now be announced to the MUD
Gicker (Jun 4) added the ability for mobs to block by clan alliance: Good (Republic & Jedi), Evil (Sith & Empire) & Neutral (all others). Unclanned people will be blocked by all of these
Gicker (Jun 4) Added Kashyyyk, which includes a starport/market area and a level 1-10 zone currently
Gicker (Jun 3) added the following squad leader feats: inspire heroics, inspire competence. Fixed inspire courage and inspire greatness
Gicker (Jun 3) added a bounty hunter commlink that allows bounty hunters to take bounties from anwyhere. usable by anyone only purchaable (using reputation) by bounty hunters. No cooldown on the usage for bounty hunters. Other classes can only take a new bounty every 5 minutes using the commlink.
Gicker (Jun 3) added the bounty hunter class
Gicker (May 28) orphans now give reputation bonuses
Gicker (May 25) added help questrepeat and the questrepeat command
Gicker (May 25) added help kushiban (thanks tykune for writing it)
Gicker (May 25) titles may now be up to 54 characters long
Gicker (May 25) added new races to help races
Gicker (May 25) added the kushiban race, help file coming soon
Gicker (May 25) ship upgrading partially coded... upgrade command at the ship store. can currently upgrade speed, which is the only stat that matters right now, plus a few others in the list (when typing upgrade by itself)
Gicker (May 23) Mobs will now perform various combat actions in combat
Gicker (May 23) modified HELP LEVELS and HELP EXPERIENCE
Gicker (May 23) added HELP RP-POINTS
Gicker (May 23) added apprentice command and help apprentice
Gicker (May 22) fixed the coverfire feat. uses coverfire command
Gicker (May 22) added the following combat commands: head shot (tactics 1 required), aim (tactics 5 required) for ranged weapon users
Gicker (May 22) added the following feats: force meditation, improved aim, improved head shot, force senses, penetrating accuracy, steady arm
Gicker (May 21) doubled exp, rp point and account exp rewards from role playing
Gicker (May 21) added a rp point requirement for levelling in order to sustain maximum exp gains starting at level 10
Gicker (May 19) unconscious mobs will no longer attack back
Gicker (May 19) fixed the reload command so it costs you money and actually reloads the weapon's ammo (whoops)
Gicker (May 19) questmaster mobs for above quests are in the jedi temple, republic training centre and black sun district. The quest line starts at the rep. train. centre and there are also some repeatables on the task board in the jedi temple
Gicker (May 19) added several new quests for the black sun district
Gicker (May 19) Added help downgrade
Gicker (May 19) the above news item refers to crafting
Gicker (May 19) whenever using a datachip, the minimum bonus now will always be one (in the case of datachip drops below the min level of the chip type)
Gicker (May 18) Added an hlist command which will list files that have the specified keyword(s) in them
Gicker (May 17) The Star Wars Day Promotion has come to an end.
Gicker (May 13) added quest Betrayal from Within 1 and help file for it
Gicker (May 10) updated HELP WEAPONS
Gicker (May 10) Blaster pistols and sporting blaster rifles now have a threat range of 19-20, to trade off their lower raw damage output
Gicker (May 10) sporting blaster pistols now give a free attack on a natural dice roll of 20
Gicker (May 10) fixed a bug where server would crash because of divide by zero on exp tnl percent calculations
Gicker (May 10) fixed erroneous information displayed in various parts of the mud regarding exp tnl percentage for characters at level 30 with progression levels
Gicker (May 7) removed combat spam from additional condition monitor penalties when target is already at -10 Critical
Gicker (May 7) ship speed should now save over reboots/copyovers
Gicker (May 7) added the downgrade command. Help file to come, but essentially allows you to downgrade a datachip or piece of gear to a lower level
Gicker (May 7) removed the clevel command
Gicker (May 7) added the hardmode command. Help file to come but essentially makes mobs you fight harder, for increased exp gains from them
Gicker (May 4) It's Star Wars Day! In Celebration we'll be having a week of increased exp gains. Enjoy!
Gicker (May 3) all feat points gained at epic levels are now epic feat points
Gicker (May 3) you now gain normal feat progression at epic levels as pre-20 levels, 1 per 2 and 1 per 3 levels
Gicker (May 3) fixed feats being gained at epic levels that shouldn't be
Gicker (May 3) fixed carry weight limits. If your weight looks messed up respeccing should fix it.
Gicker (May 3) gadget effects now stack with gear effects
Gicker (May 3) fixed the crashes occuring in groups in the rancor patriarch's room of the dantooine hunting grounds
Gicker (May 3) added a repair mob to the khoonda outpost on dantooine
Gicker (May 2) Updated the latest version of the MUSHClient GUI on the web site to fix the problem with the score numbers being printed on top of themselves when they are updated
Gicker (May 2) Updated the MUSHClient GUI to version 1.2 for easier viewing. Improved layout and colors. Logo updated.
Gicker (May 2) increased chance of boss type mobs to drop random gear, and increased chance to rare random gear to drop on said mobs as well
Gicker (May 1) force surge is usable by light side force users only. See previous news item about alignment change
Gicker (May 1) dark rage and force lightning can now only be used by those with an alignment score of -250 or less. You can change your alignment by respeccing and going through the character generation zone again
Gicker (May 1) increased damage done by move object force power considerably
Gicker (May 1) Added the following force powers and help files: force slam, force surge, force push
Gicker (May 1) added the missing evasivefighting command
Gicker (May 1) removed aggro flag from wrix and nexu at the dantooine hunting grounds
Gicker (May 1) added help natural 20
Gicker (May 1) adjusted mob hitroll and ac for better balance. Please let me know your feedback on the changes.
Gicker (May 1) made the travel time from the starting shuttle room closer to the various planets
Gicker (May 1) added the missing doubleburst command
Gicker (Apr 30) added the following general feats: take cover, dampen recoil, evasive fighting, overcharge shot, double burst
Gicker (Apr 29) I've done some testing for several weeks now, and item banks are now working without items disappearing from them. However they only store items for the character who stored them, it is no longer account wide
Gicker (Apr 29) crafting costs cut to 1/3rd previous amount to try and stimulate player to player trading while still allowing a profit
Gicker (Apr 29) it is now possible to make shield generators and hover droids.
Gicker (Apr 29) added distances and varying time for travel between planets for starship and shuttle travel
Michael (Apr 29) help race miraluka, and help race rattataki have been added
Gicker (Apr 28) camps will now offer their regen bonus to force point gains
Gicker (Apr 28) fixed the djem so form jedi knight feat
Gicker (Apr 28) the following abilites now have cooldown timers: force heal, force stun, force grip, dark healing, dark rage, battle strike, move object, bacta jet, bacta spray, inject command, activate command.
Gicker (Apr 28) Fixed the galactic trade markets so that items left there for a while will not expire and be removed.
Gicker (Apr 28) restore feats with the featrestore command
Gicker (Apr 28) Typing backup will now backup your feats as well, in case of feat list corruption
Gicker (Apr 28) typing tank without the draw fire feat will now turn off the tank flag if it was already on (from a previous build)
Gicker (Apr 28) mounts now heal over time based on the owner's ride skill
Gicker (Apr 28) mounts now scale down when mentoring
Gicker (Apr 28) added rattataki and miraluka races, help files to follow
Gicker (Apr 28) Re-added alignment assignment to the character creation process
Gicker (Apr 27) added a cap of 100 to guild ranks
Gicker (Apr 27) fixed supply order guild bonus for artisans guild
Gicker (Apr 27) finished all guild bonses for all guild types
Gicker (Apr 20) increase potential damage of force lightning power for powerful force users
Gicker (Apr 20) added the following class feats for the sith apprentice class: dark healing, improved dark healing, wicked strike, dark scourge, dark side adept, dark side master
Gicker (Apr 19) fixed the strange characters during combat\
Gicker (Apr 19) fixed the issue that wouldn't let you craft
Gicker (Apr 18) added deflection mastery feat
Gicker (Apr 18) reduced mob hitroll slightly with new changes
Gicker (Apr 18) I highly recommend sticking with non boss mobs your own level since the recent changes, and work your way up to avoid unexpected deaths
Gicker (Apr 18) adjusted mob difficulty and exp gain. Type note read 453
Gicker (Apr 17) if you find a stim that doesn't work with inject, identify it and it should re-appear as a gadget. Thereafter use the activate command
Gicker (Apr 17) force grip must be activated manually each round at the regular force point cost (changed due to balance issue)
Gicker (Apr 17) fixed a bug where characters would not die, and another bug where mobs would not be able to hit ever after having an attack of their parried
Gicker (Apr 17) repair shop prices based on level of damage instead of flat fee
Gicker (Apr 17) repair and repair all fixed so that it won't charge you for items that have no damage
Gicker (Apr 17) fixed ac on corellian sand panther
Gicker (Apr 16) ability to craft both is coming soon
Gicker (Apr 16) stims still used with inject command. gadgets used with activate command
Gicker (Apr 16) separate stims into stims and gadgets. Stims are heals and stamina regeneration only. gadgets give you affect enhancements
Gicker (Apr 16) see also guildbonus and chooseguild commands
Gicker (Apr 16) see listguilds and guild commands
Gicker (Apr 16) added guild benefits for artisan and explorers guilds
Gicker (Apr 16) added HELP GETTING STARTED
Gicker (Apr 16) you can no longer restring packs that have items in them (bug fix)
Gicker (Apr 16) fixed a bug where new characters would get their racial stat bonuses twice
Gicker (Apr 16) fixed crashes/hanging on autofire
Gicker (Apr 15) fixed a bug with clevel functionality
Gicker (Apr 15) fixed a bug with artisan guild mat erimbursement & crafting
Gicker (Apr 15) fixed a bug with strange characters showing in note list (category)
Gicker (Apr 15) artisan exp gains from harvesting have been improved somewhat from the original pre-bug amount based on harvesting skill
Gicker (Apr 15) fixed a bug where harvesting would yield far too much artisan exp
Gicker (Apr 15) fixed a bug where far too much supply order rewards were given to some players
Gicker (Apr 14) added anonymous command and HELP ANONYMOUS
Gicker (Apr 14) altered the post thirty progression system. See HELP PROGRESS
Gicker (Apr 14) added clevel commanfd and HELP CLEVEL
Gicker (Apr 14) edited HELP HARVESTING
Gicker (Apr 14) added harvest artisan skill
Gicker (Apr 14) fixed a bug where productive crafter feat would disappear (hack)
Gicker (Apr 13) fixed a bug where armor dex cap and fort bonus weren't calculated correctly
Gicker (Apr 13) fixed a bug where trying an item in a shop would reset the amount in the shop to zero
Gicker (Apr 13) supplyorder cost fixed
Gicker (Apr 12) added datachips for AC_SHIELD -> shield generator reflex bonus
Gicker (Apr 12) Sorry to say, but the Easter Exp Bonus Promotion has ended. Exp back to 1.00 from 1.25
Gicker (Apr 12) fixed a bug with d20chat that was causing crash with long strings
Gicker (Apr 12) fixed both pagelength command and broken help files
Gicker (Apr 12) increased amount of regular exp gains on artisan exp gains for traders
Gicker (Apr 12) added robotics training feat
Gicker (Apr 12) mold shops will now display in the shop list as molds being crafting templates
Gicker (Apr 12) added shield generators and hover droids to emporium and mold shop
Gicker (Apr 12) added robotics artisan skill. implants and hover droids now done by robotics
Gicker (Apr 12) fixed wimpy
Gicker (Apr 11) added a new high level zone, 25-30, and new planet, dantooine
Gicker (Apr 11) fixed a bug where we would crash when licensing items outside of a license shop
Gicker (Apr 9) fixed a bug that was causing a great number of crashes
Gicker (Apr 9) Added a materials shop on Coruscant
Gicker (Apr 9) replaced shout with holonet command and rgsay with commlink command
Gicker (Apr 9) added the d20who command. type by itself to see options
Gicker (Apr 7) added new intermud channel d20chat
Gicker (Apr 7) added HELP WEAPONS
Gicker (Apr 7) fixed a bug where people would crash when trying to list weapons or armor during character generation, and other locations in the mud
Gicker (Apr 7) added ability to type 'continue', 'done' and 'accept' instead of '-1' in the levelup screens
Gicker (Apr 7) added ability to type 'y' or 'n' instead of 'yes' or 'no' in levelup screens
Gicker (Apr 6) Exp bonus for Easter Promotion increased to x1.25 up from x1.10 for remainder of Easter Weekend. Enjoy!
Gicker (Apr 5) mounts have been upgraded across the board. They now assist you in combat. 3 new high level mounts added. Nexu, wrix and sand panther have been increased in level & required ride skill.
Gicker (Apr 5) addeed HELP THEORIZE and HELP STUDY
Gicker (Apr 5) added help datapad
Gicker (Apr 5) fixed a bug where players would receive feats not specific to their class when creating a new character or respeccing
Gicker (Apr 4) you can now view all clan members in your clan by typing 'cwho complete'
Gicker (Apr 4) applying to a clan using capply will now force you to send a mail to the clan
Gicker (Apr 4) You can now mail entire clans using the clan's short string in the 'clans' command list
Gicker (Apr 2) added a confirmation to accexp bank command
Gicker (Apr 2) fixed a bug with suicide command where it would not work with passwords with uppercase letters in it
Gicker (Apr 2) Fixed the bug where characters could wield weapons too high level for them
Gicker (Apr 2) the following feats now appear in the trader feat list: financial expert, theory to practice, expert haggler
Gicker (Apr 2) set a hard cap on artisan levels at 30
Gicker (Apr 2) fixed the help file for fast crafter and changed feat name to efficient crafter
Gicker (Apr 2) fixed hedit command for staff members
Gicker (Apr 2) fixed all typo references of 'sensative' to 'sensitive' in the code
Gicker (Apr 2) fixed a bug where wands and staves would sometimes drop from pilfer command
Gicker (Apr 2) fixed the poll systems. Please vote on our current polls. Thanks.
Gicker (Apr 2) fixed the following bugs: financial expert trader feat, minimum emporium rep cost, high quality kevlar artisan exp
Gicker (Mar 30) traders now gain regular exp based on their trader level whenever they gain artisan exp
Gicker (Mar 30) You can now use the idea and typo command like the bug command to submit ideas and typos to the note system
Gicker (Mar 30) added HELP COMBAT
Gicker (Mar 30) added/modified the following combat commands. See HELP COMBAT COMMANDS. challenge, trip, kick, taunt, intimidate, goad, smite, pilfer, defensivestance, feint
Gicker (Mar 30) datapads for sale at coruscant general items vendor, allowing use of study and research commands from anywhere
Gicker (Mar 29) cooldown added to study command
Gicker (Mar 29) new note commands added: note markread, note archive, note unarchive and updated help note
Gicker (Mar 29) ambush bug fixed
Gicker (Mar 28) Reduced exp bonus for easter weekend, as it was a tad excessive
Gicker (Mar 28) Vibrobladesd, Vibroknuckles and Force Pikes will all gain benefit from any feats tied to any of the following: slashing, bludgeoning, piercing. In the future we will consolidate these into a single feat specialization type: simple weapons.
Gicker (Mar 28) bounty exp rewards altered to reduce exp gained at higher levels and keep the levelling curve from becoming too easy
Gicker (Mar 28) updated help mail
Gicker (Mar 28) mail system phase 2/2 complete. Help coming today sometime. Enjoy :)
Gicker (Mar 27) mail list now displays newest mails at the top
Gicker (Mar 27) Added 1.5x exp bonus from now till the end of the easter weekend
Gicker (Mar 27) fixed the following bugs: exp display in gift experience awarding to others, selling molds to shops for profit, cancel command not cancelling force grip
Gicker (Mar 27) You can now post messages using the note system from within the mud again. (fixed)
Gicker (Mar 27) You can now use the bug command to submit bugs again (fixed)
Gicker (Mar 27) new mail system (phase 1 of 2) is now live. See mail command. Help to come
Gicker (Mar 20) added the ability to bundle up material items. see bundle and unbundle commands, helps to follow
Gicker (Mar 20) fixed a bug that was causing the game to crash
Gicker (Mar 20) trusty sidearm and multiattack (pistols) now show how many ranks taken in feats list
Gicker (Mar 20) bacta now properly weighs a person down the more they carry
Gicker (Mar 20) added bacta dump command
Gicker (Mar 20) added HELP PILOT-FACTIONS
Gicker (Mar 20) From any spaceport where you would use the shuttle command, if you own a starship you can now use the starship command to travel instead
Gicker (Mar 20) starship purchases available and working. You can sell your starships as well. See the starship vendor in coruscant for more info. Commands there are buy, list and sell.
Gicker (Mar 20) you can now purchase ships at the coruscant spaceport. Please note that the space flight and ship upgrade systems are not done yet. Being able to travel between planets using a command similar to shuttle will be possible shortly if you own a ship
Gicker (Mar 20) added help astromech droid
Gicker (Mar 19) added an eqcond command to see the condition of your equipped gear
Gicker (Mar 19) You can now use 'repair all' at the repair mobs. This will repair all equipped gear
Gicker (Mar 19) added carry weight and shield bonus to emporium affect types, as well as personal shield generators to the armor list of emporiums
Gicker (Mar 19) fixed emporium affected types to include Star Wars only types
Gicker (Mar 19) added help emporiums
Gicker (Mar 19) added help reputation
Gicker (Mar 17) fixed a bug where all shopkeeper sold gear was being set as molds
Gicker (Mar 17) added the gunslinger prestige class and the following class feats for them: trusty sidearm, multiattack (pistols), trigger work, deceptive shot, debilitating shot, knockdown shot
Gicker (Mar 15) added an item bank, regular bank, mount shop, bounty office, license office, supply order office, crafting stations, emporium and bacta merchant on tatooine in mos eisley
Gicker (Mar 15) added higher license requirements on all items based on the level of the item
Gicker (Mar 15) licensing shop in coruscant fixed
Gicker (Mar 15) supply orders fixed
Gicker (Mar 15) typo in using bacta commands on self fixed
Gicker (Mar 14) ignore command which allows you to ignore communication from specific people. works for all characters on your account once added.
Gicker (Mar 12) increased experience gains to balance new difficulty levels
Gicker (Mar 12) Added a room in coruscant market that can license items for you at additional cost
Gicker (Mar 12) added damage reduction feat as a non epic feat for tank types
Gicker (Mar 12) made some changed to mob stats. See note 224 for more info
Gicker (Mar 11) you now add your level * wis modifier to max force points
Gicker (Mar 11) max force points is now retroactive when you take the feats force sensativity and force boon
Gicker (Mar 11) fixed battle strike force power
Gicker (Mar 11) added another large droid type: recon droid with +6 to stealth checks (to offset large size) and min skill roll of 10 on stealth checks
Gicker (Mar 11) changed large droids to battle droids with +3 to tactics and min skill roll of 10 on tactics skill checks
Gicker (Mar 11) converted medium droid to protocol droid with linguist feat, +3 to knowledge checks and min skill roll of 10 on knowledge checks
Gicker (Mar 11) converted small droid to astromech droid with +3 to mechanics, +1 skill point / level and min skill roll of 10 on mechanics checks
Gicker (Mar 11) added the following jedi knight class feats: greater lightsaber focus, greater lightsaber specialization, ataru form, djem so form jar'kai form, juyo form, makashi form, niman form, shien form, shii-cho form, sokan form, soresu form, vaapad form
Gicker (Mar 11) added the force resistance feat
Gicker (Mar 11) added jedi knight prestige class
Gicker (Mar 10) made all force powers scale with your use the force feat infinitely
Gicker (Mar 10) added force expertise feat
Gicker (Mar 10) You can now chat during olc, levelup, and other non-play-states
Gicker (Mar 9) Changed who display to remove unused fields and add lfg field. Check lfg command and help lfg.
Gicker (Mar 6) Added supply orders for crafting in coruscant galactic market. command is supplyorder
Gicker (Mar 6) donate command exchanging 100 credits for 1 rep point
Gicker (Mar 6) Added the following features to the coruscant galactic market: repair mob, bounty collector, quest point reward shop
Gicker (Mar 6) armortechs can now create clothing / robes with the mold sold by the mold vendor
Gicker (Mar 6) added rogue mandalorian bunker on tatooine, level 18 to 22 zone
Gicker (Mar 5) 2nd neck slot now shows in eq and eqstats
Gicker (Mar 5) Apologies for Downtime the past 24 hours or so. Somehow my firewall settings got reset, and the ports to the MUDs were blocked
Gicker (Mar 5) exp to next level % now displays properly with post thirty progression stage
Gicker (Mar 5) Pretty sure I have feats available working again
Gicker (Mar 5) added progression beyond level 30. See the commands progress, practice, train and learn. Help files to follow
Gicker (Mar 4) fixed research list for listing force powers in the various libraries
Gicker (Mar 4) fixed bugs with wear waist items, and it being removed when re-entering game
Gicker (Mar 4) you now receive exp and account exp rewards for pvp, win or lose (winner gets more)
Gicker (Mar 4) fixed a bug where contents of container were adding their weight twice
Gicker (Mar 3) added HELP SQUAD LEADER FEATS
Gicker (Mar 3) added HELP WHIRLWIND ATTACK
Gicker (Mar 3) added the overcharge shot class feat for scoundrels
Gicker (Mar 3) added the following soldier class feats: armor training i, armor training ii, armor training iii
Gicker (Mar 3) fixed uncanny dodge and improved uncanny dodge
Gicker (Mar 3) added the following scout class feats: field training i, field training ii, field training iii, long stride, expert initiative, expert tracker, acute senses, group awareness, forced march, coneal allies, survivalist, hidden movement, improved stealth, jury rigger
Gicker (Mar 2) You can no longer restring items with an extra description (causes the mud to crash)
Gicker (Mar 2) whirlwind is now a toggle and works like autofire. Help file coming tonight
Gicker (Mar 2) fixed bug that was allowing the following feats to give 2 extra attacks instead of 1: weapon flurry, double attack, triple attack
Gicker (Mar 2) help files for new races coming soon
Gicker (Mar 2) added the following races: jawa, gungan, chiss, yodan
Gicker (Mar 2) item bank slots are now shown in the account command screen
Gicker (Mar 2) You can now use the accexp command to purchase additional item bank slots
Gicker (Mar 2) Added account-wide item bank in coruscant, basement of bank
Gicker (Mar 1) added help jedi
Gicker (Mar 1) added help files for force adept and squad leader
Gicker (Mar 1) stealth has been added to the skill list
Gicker (Mar 1) fixed the initiative system
Gicker (Mar 1) ewoks and gamorreans can now only speak their own language, like wookiees
Gicker (Mar 1) Added racial benefits for bothans, cereans, duros, ewok, gamorrean, ithorian, kel dor, mon calamari, quarren and rodian. help files updated
Gicker (Feb 29) restringing items no longer gives artisan exp
Gicker (Feb 29) added the following feats: weapontech training, armortech training, tinkering training, theory to practice, credit hound, surveyor, expert haggler and financial exprt
Gicker (Feb 29) Added the Trader Basic Class
Gicker (Feb 29) datachips will no longer turned into crystals when lore'd/identified
Gicker (Feb 29) adjusted datachip drop rate so that weapon hitroll/damroll will not drop as often, and other types will drop more often
Gicker (Feb 29) fixed damage on vibroknuckles for martial arts users
Gicker (Feb 29) fixed erroneous damage modifiers
Gicker (Feb 28) Added a player survey at Complete it and you will get a free level and a good amount of credits for one character on your account using the redeem command.
Gicker (Feb 28) credsticks from market ward purchases will now save over reboots
Gicker (Feb 28) microchips no longer drop. Crafting help files to be updated soon.
Gicker (Feb 28) crafting system updated: microchips now obsolete. datachips determine level, max level & bonus type. Molds are now cheaper. Crafting now costs 10% of item value. Restring costs reduced to 10% of item value. item level capped by your crafting skill.
Gicker (Feb 26) Taxis and Shuttles no longer offer instant travel
Gicker (Feb 25) drastically reduced account exp rewards for role playing. Reduced rp point rewards, and put regular rp exp rewards on a sliding scale based on level.
Gicker (Feb 24) added global player market area in coruscant markets. See shop buy, shop sell and shop try
Gicker (Feb 24) server downtime should be over. Our apologies. Get back to having fun guys :)
Gicker (Feb 23) We were forced to restore a backup due to a server error. Please mail gicker to be reimbursed if necessary
Gicker (Feb 20) fixed the code so that MXP and GUI elements will not require a client window restart after a copyover
Gicker (Feb 19) You can now use numbers in your character names (droids in mind). Anyone who wants a name change let me know.
Gicker (Feb 19) increased squad leader hit die size to 1d8 instead of 1d6
Gicker (Feb 19) adjust sneak attack damage to 1d3 per rank for balance reasons
Gicker (Feb 18) re-added alignment to score and added dark side points (evil alignment) gains for using dark side force powers. Alignment will be able to be changed through power usage and by doing various quests
Gicker (Feb 18) Updated force point cost on forceheal enabled force heals to 3x normal instead of 2x normal
Gicker (Feb 18) Added the following Force Powers: Force Stun, Move Object, Negate Energy
Gicker (Feb 18) Altered the force heal power mechanics. See the help file.
Gicker (Feb 18) Added the following help files: FORCE-HEAL, FORCE-LIGHTNING, FORCE-STUN, MOVE-OBJECT, NEGATE-ENERGY
Gicker (Feb 18) fixed the line break problem in listing mobs and players in the room
Gicker (Feb 18) added new zone on tatooine. ruined sith temple. levels 14-16
Gicker (Feb 18) Added a GUI for MUSHClient. See
Gicker (Feb 18) mlist, olist, etc working again
Gicker (Feb 17) added multiple link options for mxp-enabled clients: movement, mob/player interaction, quickslots (quickslot command)
Gicker (Feb 16) added mxp link for attacking/looking/considering mobs/players. Only shows in an mxp enabled client
Gicker (Feb 16) HUH?!? bug fixed :) HUH?!?
Gicker (Feb 16) will fix as soon as I get time
Gicker (Feb 16) Am aware of the bug with typing commands and getting two 'Huh?!?
Gicker (Feb 16) added KaVir's MUD Protocol Handler - Handles ATCP, CHARSET, MSDP, MSSP, MSP, MXP links, NAWS, TTYPE, UTF-8 and xterm 256 colors
Gicker (Feb 15) Added a bank in Coruscant Market
Gicker (Feb 15) fixed datachips so you should no longer get datachips of apply_none
Gicker (Feb 15) made some fixes to random treasure bonuses. They will be better overall.
Gicker (Feb 15) more item types added to crafting mold vendor
Gicker (Feb 15) fixed the problem with mob movement, as well as scan command
Gicker (Feb 15) items worn in 'above' slot will no longer be unequipped when relogging
Gicker (Feb 15) fixed an issue where weapontech skill was being reset to zero on login
Gicker (Feb 12) added the following force adept feats: lightsaber defense, force harmony, force persuasion, force intuition, resiliance
Gicker (Feb 12) added shops and cantina to tatooine
Gicker (Feb 12) Fixed note system on the mud so that if the note has been viewed by one character in your account, it will count as unread for all other characters on your account
Gicker (Feb 12) fixed bug with triple crit not allowing you to select a weapon
Gicker (Feb 12) removed robilar's gambit feat from the game (overpowered)
Gicker (Feb 12) attempted bug fixes for: mount DR, riposte & combat reflexes, martial arts reflex bonus
Alexis (Feb 11) news Parker, The republic training center overseer has more tasks to be completed
Gicker (Feb 11) added mob flags random_race and random_gender for creating somewhat random mobs
Gicker (Feb 11) added the following feats: martial arts i, martial arts ii, martial arts iii, double attack, triple attack, triple crit, force boon, mighty swing
Gicker (Feb 11) you can now craft items without needing datachips
Gicker (Feb 10) supply orders coming soon
Gicker (Feb 10) HELP CRAFTING rather
Gicker (Feb 10) added the crafting system. See HELP CRAFING. Those help files need to be updates. Essences are now microchips and crystals are now datachips. Crafting vendor sells moulds in galactic marketplace on coruscant and crafting stations are in there as well
Gicker (Feb 10) rewroked death system so that 'spirits' don't exist anymore. Upon dying you will re-enter at the start room
Alexis (Feb 9) Until the Research List command can be fixed for all a Librarian has been hired. All one must do is ask her for a research list and she will gladly assist you.
Gicker (Feb 9) and barding command usable in mount shop
Gicker (Feb 9) added mount shop and commands: mount, callmount, tankmount, dismount
Gicker (Feb 8) added a cantina in coruscant galactic market. Offers exp bonus for those who use it and is a good spot for role play or resting between battles.
Gicker (Feb 8) fixed bugged armor pieces
Gicker (Feb 7) Updated the camp command. See HELP CAMP and HELP SURVIVAL
Gicker (Feb 7) updated HELP CLASSES
Gicker (Feb 7) added skill functions for acrobatics, endurance, knowledge and tactics. See help files for each, which were also added. Also added HELP COMBAT SKILLS
Gicker (Feb 7) reload command coming soon (ran out of time today to code)
Gicker (Feb 7) added the following help files: BURST FIRE, AUTO FIRE, AMMO, CONTAIN
Gicker (Feb 7) Added rapid reload feat, autofire command, burstfire command, and ammo system for blasters
Gicker (Feb 7) help rapid reload
Gicker (Feb 6) fixed a bug with condition monitor penalties to defense
Gicker (Feb 6) changes to reflex defence calculations to fix some bugs with soldier talents
Gicker (Feb 6) respec command fixed. You will need to reassign your stats once you respec
Gicker (Feb 6) additional feat given every 3rd level. Respecs are free if you need them.
Gicker (Feb 6) noble class name changed to squad leader
Gicker (Feb 6) changed name of jedi class to force adept, with jedi knight/master and sith apprentice/lord classes coming soon
Gicker (Feb 6) adjusted bonus experience based on various factors to be a minimum of 5 exp if there is any bonus at all
Gicker (Feb 6) added penalty to exp for groups that grows with the size of the group
Gicker (Feb 6) fixed riposte after combat system change
Gicker (Feb 6) fixed bugs with lightsaber combat feats (such as weapon focus), which were not previously working
Gicker (Feb 6) added weapon master prestige class (see HELP ACCOUNT EXPERIENCE)
Gicker (Feb 6) added 'weapons' command
Gicker (Feb 5) added tatooine, coruscant spaceport, and sand people camp zones
Gicker (Feb 5) added damage to score
Gicker (Feb 4) added damage threshold and condition monitor... helps to come
Gicker (Feb 4) added 'force lightning' force power... help to come
Gicker (Feb 4) added 'force heal' force power
Gicker (Feb 4) fixed bug with force powers not expiring at end of combat in groups
Gicker (Feb 3) turn based combat reverted to pulse based system
Gicker (Feb 3) most bugs apparantly fixed with new combat system. Please let me know if you find more.
Gicker (Feb 3) added HELP FORCE GRIP
Gicker (Feb 3) Added help armor class
Gicker (Feb 3) You can now join any clan using the cjoin command. Type clans for a list of clans to join.
Gicker (Feb 3) added HELP FORCE DISARM
Gicker (Feb 3) added HELP DARK RAGE
Gicker (Feb 2) added ability to restring items in the galactic market place. See HELP RESTRING
Gicker (Feb 2) fixed most random treasure drops so that they will never drop anything higher than the mob level
Gicker (Feb 1) deflect attacks and riposte working as intended now
Gicker (Feb 1) added the following force powers and the useforce command (still a bit buggy), battle strike, dark rage, force disarm, force grip (help files to come)
Gicker (Feb 1) added the following feats: dual weapons mastery i, ii, & iii, force training, armored defense, imp armored defense, second skin, inspire courage, inspire greatness, leadership, sneak attack, uncanny dodge, imp uncanny dodge, evasion
Gicker (Jan 30) Added simple help for all feats where a help file is not created yet
Gicker (Jan 30) Adjusted some of the descriptions for random treasure
Gicker (Jan 30) Added the HELP LIGHTSABERS help file
Gicker (Jan 30) Added the following help files: DUAL-WIELDING, DUAL-WEAPON-MASTERY
Gicker (Jan 30) Finished off the rest of the racial help files
Gicker (Jan 30) updated the web site with the above race information as well
Gicker (Jan 30) added the following race help files: bothans, cereans, duros, ewoks
Gicker (Jan 30) added the following help files: TAXI, PRACTICE, SPEEDER, LORE< IDENTIFY
Gicker (Jan 29) added new zone on coruscant... black sun district
Gicker (Jan 29) added HELP ROLE PLAYING
Gicker (Jan 29) Edited HELP NEWBIE
Gicker (Jan 29) Added output command. See HELP OUTPUT
Gicker (Jan 27) Implemented the license system (see HELP LICENSES)
Gicker (Jan 27) Added a weapon shop in the galactic trade market of coruscant
Gicker (Jan 27) updated the following help files: HELP RULES EVIL, HELP RULES PVP, HELP PVP
Gicker (Jan 27) Changed MUD Start room to use taxi system instead of auto-sending people to the newbie zone. Taxis from start room are free.
Gicker (Jan 27) refined the feat list to remove fanasty-genre feats
Gicker (Jan 27) fixed random armor drop stats to coincide with star wars armor types
Gicker (Jan 27) added milestone system for small character bonuses upon reaching your 1/2 point to your next level
Gicker (Jan 27) all mobs now drop a small amount of credits
Gicker (Jan 27) changed references to 'quaff' and 'potion' to 'inject' and 'stim'
Gicker (Jan 27) made respecs (see respec command) free during development and testing
Gicker (Jan 27) fixed bug where people who started combat would lose their first action
Gicker (Jan 27) changed most if not all references to 'coins' to 'credits'
Gicker (Jan 27) added taxi command for travelling between unconnected zones on the same planet
Gicker (Jan 20) MUD Development Begun

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