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Chronicles of Krynn

Chronicles of Krynn is a Dragonlance themed MUD set right after the War of the Lance, using Pathfinder 1e Rules. It has a large, diku-style world and has a focus on role play and Co-Op play.

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Faerun: A Forgotten Realms Logo
Faerun: A Forgotton Realms MUD

Faerun is a Pathfinder 1e MUD set after the Second Sundering era, and focused on the Sword Coast and Surrounding Area. It has an emphasis on role play and Co-Op play.

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d20MUD: Star Wars

d20MUD: Star Wars is set during the era of the Galactic Empire shortly after the Battle of Yavin IV. It is a role play incentivised game based on the d20 and SAGA rule sets.

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