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Remort System Added + More Quality of Life Improvements

Hi all,

Here's the latest development update, which can also be found on our Facebook Group where most game discussion takes place.

Changed respec to use random string instead of password to confirm
Added the ability to breakdown skill bonuses with the skills command.
Added the remnort system for max level characters.

Using the remort system discussed in the Facebook Group.  Quoted:

"I thought about it a little bit and the solution that I came up was that, instead of them returning to level 1, we would basically end up with a remort rank, a remort level and remort exp.

Remort exp can only be earned when you are at level 40, and are mentoring down to your remort level or lower. Once your remort level has reached 40, your remort rank goes up 1, and you gain all the benefits that come along with that remort rank. Then you can repeat the process as you see fit.

I think that for now, I will have each remort rank give you +4 ability score points and +1 skill point per level when respeccing, and allow you to pick 1 feat from the remort feat list, which I am going to get inspiration from through the d20 epic level handbook and the pathfinder mythic level rules."

Currently the implementation is that each remort rank gives you +4 ability score allocation points per remort rank when redoing stats from a respec, and +1 skill point per level per remort rank when respeccing.  I have intentions to add some remort feats as well.  Each remort rank you get gives you 1 remort feat to choose, and when it is implemented, it will be retroactive for remort ranks already obtained.  Also each remort level (not rank... 40 remort levels per rank) you'll get either +1 hp or +10 stamina points.

Any bugs or input please let me know.

Also, concerning the skill breakdown, it should show the correct amounts now.  I noticed some bugs in the calculation of skill ranks when I did this.  Of note are:
skill focus gives +5 (takable once per skill) not +3
epic skill focus gives +10 (cumulative with skill focus and also only takable once per skill)
gear that has +skill bonus will now only add that amount once, not twice
there was also a bug where multiple +skill items would cause the first one's bonus to be applied instead of taking the highest of all.

If you guys notice other problems with the breakdown please let me know.

Thanks guys, enjoy.



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