Available Character Classes

d20MUD offers a variety of different classes to choose from. The classes are split up into three categories: basic classes, advanced (or prestige) classes, and secondary classes. Multiclassing is allowed, with a limit of 3 classes per character, and 40 class levels total..

Basic classes are selectable by anyone, and all characters start with one of these classes. They each consist of 20 levels.

Advanced classes must be unlocked with account experience, and once unlocked are available for all characters on your account. They generally consist of 10 levels.

Secondary classes do not count towards the 3 class limit, and all characters have them at level one.

Templates are premade builds that allow new players to take the guesswork out of how to build their character. Each level your class, feats, skills and ability score boosts are chosen for you. If you ever decide you want to customize your build, you can always respec your character to reselect all of your classes, skills, feats and ability scores without losing anything else, such as gear, credits, exp and so forth.

Basic Classes

Advanced Classes

Secondary Classes