d20MUD: Star Wars was created by Stephen Squires aka Gicker. Gicker began playing MUDs in 1994 on a MUD called Empire (Now called Imperium). A group of clan-mates there branched off in 1995 to create their own Dragonlance themed CircleMUD called Age of Dragons. There Gicker had his first taste of being a staff member, building and coding. In 2001, Gicker joined a d20 based Dragonlance project with a couple of friends called Gates of Krynn. Unfortunately the MUD did not ever go live for players, and Gicker took a couple of years away from MUDs. Eventually the code for Gates of Krynn was donated to Zizazat at Circle with Goodies, who used parts of it for their CWG Rasputin d20 rules release.

In 2005 Gicker began working on d20MUD, using CWG Rasputin. The first creation used the Forgotten Realms world, although eventually a Dragonlance version was made as well. The MUD spent some time offline due to hosting issues, but in January of 2011 d20MUD: Star Wars was created, after the launch of Star Wars the Old Republic MMORPG. From there the MUD has grown and improved, and has come to be a very unique game and a niche for Star Wars fans and d20 System fans alike.

Our Philosophy

We have a pro-player philosophy in running and developing the game. That means we design our game to be as convenient as possible, and to code in methods of preventing undesired player behavious instead of having it monitored by staff. When it does come to rule infractions, we try to work with the player instead of coming down hard with punishments and harsh words. We listen to our players when it comes to their feedback for the game and do our best to implement their ideas while keeping true to our vision as a d20/SAGA based Star Wars game.

A Quick Overview of the Game

The game definitely does have alearning curve, although we've done our best to help those who are new to our systems to find their way, including a template system that allows characters to follow a predetermined advancement build, meaning you don't make the choices for skills, feats, etc. when you level up, it's picked for you. However we do have a respec system that allows you to rebuild your character at any level. The only thing that can't be changed in that process is your name, gender and species.

We've also tried to make the game easy to get around. We use a taxi and shuttle system to connect zones and planets, so you don't need to be worried about getting lost down some road or unable to find a zone your level. You can also even buy your own ship pretty early on and travel between planets on your own, as well as engage in PvE battle while in space. Expanding the space system is one of our highest development priorities.

We provide a web client, a mobile web client, and a MUSHClient package, and can also be connected to with any other MUD or telnet client at mud.d20mud.com port 5500. We are always available to answer questions via email, on Facebook and on Discord.

We truly hope you'll enjoy yourselves on our little corner of the Internet.

May the Force be with You,

Gicker and the d20MUD: Star Wars Staff